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Using pathing to defend


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I logged for a couple of minutes to test pathing some more. Made a spiral staircase and spawned a ton of Arlenes. Created some choke points wooden spikes and barbed wires on the path and added a couple of blade traps in adjacent blocks. Could shoot the zombies during their pathing, they mostly gathered on choke points and ignored the blade traps.


This is a terribly made construction, but the concept is the same, it can be applied above and under the ground.


-don't block them, unless you want to just delay them a bit.

-create choke points with disposable traps.

-try to make a long path, the longer the better, but if you make it too complex, I don't guarrantee that they won't break through walls/attack foundations.

-make sure you are able to shoot them through most of their pathing.

-use traps that hit adjacent blocks and turrets in places with the largest line of sight to your path.

-knock them down to the start of the path, if it's a height based path (with the hammer perks).


I don't know how well a flat wall "labyrinth" would work, but they should prefer a clear path over destroying walls.




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