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Radiation zone


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Can someone either mod to make the rad zones in RWG do one of the following: Show in color on the overhead, Be ONLY on the perimeter, or remove them altogether?


I have played in 2 RWG and the Rad zones are not "just" on the map edges. Further, they appear quickly and I have to back away about 15M before it tells me I am not in a RAD Zone, which is really confusing. Thanks in advance.


BTW: In regards to Rad Zone remove or indicators being an exploit. If there was that much Radiation, the land would be mostly barren or give some indication that is had been effected. If it was irradiated, but not enough to kill you in 10 secs, the plant life would exhibit large vigorous growth patterns.


Otherwise I am loving the game, but the random rad zone which actually seemed to be all around us (if we wen more than 200m in any direction we found rad zone, is a bit frustrating.

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