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  1. I appreciate the way that TFP looks out for the player base by encouraging us to get up and move our behinds. My play time would be 5 mins of game play. My motion sickness is really very awful. if I watch someone else play it, it happens as well. I've heard that those curved monitors help. Still a great game, just might have to limit the playing. I do adapt a little after long playing cycles, but I have to concentrate really hard and not jump around. I'm only playing on something like a 22inch as it is. Since it happens when I watch other people play (standing or sitting behind them or to the side, I don't think it is distance that will help. I get motion sick in carwashes. It is pretty ridiculous.
  2. Ok. I'm sure someone asked this here or in another thread, but since we are getting closer to A20, here it is. Is FOV going to be adjustable to 100 or so? I'm another one of those motion sick gamers, I play only with family and none of us uses the "I can see thru the wall or world" aspect of the FOV. I'll still play 7D2D but play time will be increments of 15mins if I have to go outside and walk around.
  3. I agree, my hubby thinks it is quite ridiculous, but I once got motion sick in a CARWASH because the car stayed stationary and the walls moved and I wasn't prepared for it. It isn't about targeting or anything like that, it effects me mostly when I am trying to just move around. I'm gonna try some of the things they mentioned above, but 85 makes the game unplayable after about 15mins for me.
  4. Hello! Ok, I just need the FOV part. Is the MOD working for 19.5. I need the FOV set at 95 so I'm not getting motion sick. Is making the customPrefs.xml with the code you posted enough to make the change or do I need to get DMT and install your modlet?
  5. I'm ready to play again but the 85 FOV cap is still making me sick. Is there a mod that has the option to change it to 95 or something?
  6. Try living with an autistic comparative philologist. Did you know that decadent means rotting or putrid? Yeah me either, but my lovely husband prevented me from extreme embarrassment when marketing my desserts with that word... I was also confused about the bullet tip / casing thingy but you know, they kill zombies pretty good no matter what you call them.
  7. Thank you!!! I didn't get an alert about a reply or I would have thanked you sooner. I'll look at those mods they sound perfect.
  8. Hubby and I love this game. We don't play as often as we would like because new versions frequently require modding, which hubby can do, but takes him time and energy he doesn't really have. So if there is a mod already made out there that might fit perhaps one of you know it. He doesn't like playing on the lowest setting (not sure why) No vultures or demolition zombies - basically anything that cuts thru concrete like butter Reduced block damage by all zombies (I think hubby sets this at 50%) Alternate recipe for torches - I think coal and sticks or something Lower stamina usage for tools. I am sure there are other things he adds, but those are the ones that stop us from playing as rebuilding a base every horde night (even set to 28 days) is too much to allow us to enjoy the game. I would love more crops and blocks, but that isn't really a focus, but if the mod includes those things, I'm for it. I'd like to have it be able to be run on a server machine, but I can do it across the LAN hosting the game if the mod won't work on a server. Not using anticheat since it is just 2 of us playing. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. EDIT: I can get a complete list of what he changes when he wakes up.
  9. Is there a plan to allow the Field of View to be set much larger for those of us that get severely motion sick while playing at lower settings?
  10. Ok, reallyreallyreally NEED higher FOV. period fullstop. I love this game, but not enough to endure hours of simulator sickness to play it.
  11. If you don't like a perk or game mechanic ... MOD it!
  12. I'm looking forward to the new release. I'm the crafter & farmer player while hubby likes the hack & slash + explore parts. Each time TFP changes some aspect of the game, we try it out. Sometimes it means a total re-imaging of how we play the game with changes in focus. Sometimes it is annoying, sometimes it gives us a oh WOW experience. If TFP change something that we find is vital to the way we like to play, we will mod it. TFP's have made an excellent base game which even without modding is accessible to most people that enjoy this genre. If I am not mistaken the large change in A18 made modding much easier. I want to see more game story and more optimizing (lolz). If it's too hard, MOD IT. If it's too easy, MOD IT. If you don't like how X functions, MOD IT.
  13. Two words: Neutron Bomb. The idea behind it was to minimize the blast/explosive yield while enhancing the radiation to leave buildings intact but to blast everything living with highly damaging neutron radiation. The large neutrons (as compared to alpha, beta or gamma) are highly damaging to living tissue. The other types of particles are damaging as well but are blocked by various substances, such as a piece of paper in the case of alpha particles. Alpha particles are very dangerous when ingested, but are typically stopped by clothing. So.... are we still learning by doing and using farming plots????
  14. While I LOVE McD and the Big Mac is da bomb, they are not the best burgers, what they are is consistent. If I go to BFE and everyplace is a crap shoot as far as quality and such, I know that the Big Mac in BFE will taste the same way as it does in Tulsa. kinda the Devil you know.
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