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  1. I have LOTL 3 and I still don't get enough seeds everytime to replant. I harvested 14 corn plots and got back 10 seeds. Now of course that means I had enough corn to make more seeds, but it happens frequently enough that I am always making a few seeds each rotation. Maybe I just have bad RNG. Replanting doesn't take that much time for me, but I am only feeding three people. I have 42 plots at my main base (after recalling that mushrooms don't need a plot or a space next to each other.) Yeah, we do have to eat often, but it isn't gamebreaking.
  2. I am a wimp player. Mostly I hang at the base and only come out when I have to. I do some questing and avoid the fetch or clear quests because I hate to die. That said, if I want a game where I never die, I'll go play stardew valley or farmville or even minecraft. I do die more often in A20 than I am used to, but the danger makes the game fun, otherwise it is just minecraft. If there are no consequences, then you might as well play a game that doesn't encourage a learning curve in order to figure out how to survive. The stamina thing is zombies 101, if you are too tired from running to lift your weapon (which requires stamina) you are screwed. That isn't bad game mechanics, it is a consequence of having consequences in the game. Hubby and I have a combined 8000 hours in the game since like A14. A20 is a natural progression. You know, you can mod the stamina thing, but that takes effort... /endsnark
  3. Thank you for the replies! I need to get thru the Christmas stuff and then I can decide what I want to do. Hope everyone has a great holiday and that TFP drop us GOLD
  4. I am looking for a Host for my 7D2D game. There are 3 of us that play, sometimes a 4th person comes in, but never more than 4. I prefer a smaller map and only run a HUD mod. I want to be able to alter the config files to make small changes to the game (adding a recipe for torches with coal etc). I have a Nodecraft server, which plays well, but with A20 they are recommending an upgrade to the 6G Ram server (29.99). Since I was attracted to their service by the 9.95 price point, upgraded because they said 7D needed more RAM, i'm not really interested in paying 3 times what originally led me there. I can Host locally on my laptop, but that is kinda a pain and not really optimal. I was looking at https://server.nitrado.net/ but I don't know anything about the plethora of new hosts out there. (5.20 USD a month for 4 players). Anyone have a suggestion or can recommend someone? I don't need "instances" or more than 4 slots. Thanks in advance
  5. Confused by the OP post. If TFP didn't intend MP why in the frack do I have to disable the anticheat software? I mean having and anticheat software is specifically for multiplayer, not much point in having it otherwise.
  6. I've been thinking about the "it takes 5 corn to make a seed" argument and it occurs to me that I have been thinking about this wrong. I actually garden (if you can call it that) IRL. I do this because my hubby is disabled and LOVES anything outside, so he needs my assistance. I hate the outdoors and have a brown thumb. My efforts to grow seedlings are comical. Out of 10 plants I might get 3 that survive to the stage that they can go outside to be planted. I have tried peat pots, tiny indoor greenhouses, special lights, we even own an actual outdoor greenhouse which I gave up on using after 5 years. It isn't that I am stupid, just plants and I are not a thing. So perhaps instead of thinking of "5 potato for one seed" when we know a potato can give you 5 or more eyes to plant, think of it as ok, you only managed to get 1 viable plant that survives to maturity to produce food. I don't know about the new mechanic since I haven't booted up an A20 game yet, but I'm sure I will adapt. The game is still outrageously fun. Please change the nest respawns so they aren't linked to zombie spawns or loot respawn. nests being replenished makes sense unless the birds are all dead,
  7. Wow. I guess I have been farming the wrong way. I've never had more than 18 plots going at a time. First getting enough rotting meat to make plots then having enough seeds is a problem in the beginning. I don't bother with cotton, goldenrod or chrysanthemum since i get "enough" of those in the wild. Blueberries are only good if you have eggs and no meat. I horde canned food from vending machines until I can make the higher value foods but tend to start getting to many of the 100+ foods stockpiled and we don't ever get that hungry. I'm excited to try the changes. I heard that "wellness" was removed. Not even sure I understand what wellness was.
  8. Ok, so I can see a little bright spot in this. I have a devil of a time hitting the hit box of some of the plants. About 70% of the time I try to hit the coffee or blueberry plant I hit something next to it (or 2 blocks behind it). Drives me fricken bonkers. I finally figured out a way to hit the plants so as to not damage anything but the intended. So I usually spend time replanting in A19 anyway. I think there is something about my graphics since I can see the "x" it shows the correct plant name, but when I punch I hit air, or farmplot or neighboring plant pretty frequently. Does not happen with aloe, corn, potato, pumpkin or yucca.
  9. I just played my first Unmodded version of 7D2D since like alpha 16 or something. Hubby and I always remove the vultures and tone down the bears. (I've worn out a 3 bow trying to kill a bear once). My feedback was the vultures are still annoying, but not impossible to kill. Thanks to whoever fixed the hitbox. I'm still terrified of the bears, but apparently they don't take 45 Iron arrows to kill one now. (might have taken that many since I am a really bad shot). I saw a cougar in the snow biome and sprinted off far away from it, so I can't say if that has changed. I love the weather effects, I kept checking the time on the ingame clock because I wasn't used to it being overcast. I'd still like to see a FOV closer to 100, but I've been concentrating really hard on not getting motion sick and it seems to be working. (I'm also not jumping around like a fart in a skillet) Great Job Guys!
  10. Ianua

    Zombie Bane

    Perfect! Thank you for all the responses. It is a hard balance to achieve between being able to "create" and still having a challenge. I don't play Minecraft on creative because there is no "point". I don't want to make the entire world safe, I'd just like to be able to make a building or 2 a refuge for when I'm not looting or exploring.
  11. Ianua

    Zombie Bane

    Ok, I'm kinda a wimp when it comes to survival games, but I do enjoy the challenge. I also LOVE the building / crafting part of the game. I would like there to be something that the player could build that would create a "safe zone". I used to like rebuilding the cities or houses, but you can't really do that as much anymore since the zombies come in and tear stuff apart. I don't know if it would just keep zombies from spawning in an area or if it would kill them if they entered it. Kinda like a landclaim block but for zombie repellent. I know it sounds kinda OP, but for those of us that would like just a little security without always repairing and upgrading.
  12. I saw a couple of people posting about restoring some POIs with the new blocks. I stopped restoring buildings because the quests frequently will "reset" the POI and then all my work is for nothing. Are there some POIs that never become quest locations or has the POI reset been changed?
  13. I took my hubby and one of his friend's once. His wife and I went shopping and when we came back the friend was talking to one of the girls explaining how intelligent she was and how he really liked her. I was like wth the other head was obviously suffering from lack of blood supply good grief.
  14. The "strip clubs and sex work are demeaning to women" cracks me the f up. I was getting 50 bucks an hour to model nude for an art class in college. As an actual feminist who knows what the word actually means, I find this attitude archaic and demeaning. Who are you to judge a woman if she sells what she has because a man (or woman) wants to pay her for that service? Women don't need protection, they don't need anyone hoisting some moral righteous flag about how they are being objectified or demeaned because they have something people (including me) enjoy looking at. They can't all be rocket scientists and if what they have is a body that won't quit... use what you have. (omgosh let me tell you about that red headed stripper and she had freckles EVERYWHERE!) As far as strip clubs being in a video game... hmmm They are The Fun Pimps, strip club seems right up their alley. I have a friend that plays GTA and you can solicit the prostitutes in that game and then rip them off.
  15. I appreciate the way that TFP looks out for the player base by encouraging us to get up and move our behinds. My play time would be 5 mins of game play. My motion sickness is really very awful. if I watch someone else play it, it happens as well. I've heard that those curved monitors help. Still a great game, just might have to limit the playing. I do adapt a little after long playing cycles, but I have to concentrate really hard and not jump around. I'm only playing on something like a 22inch as it is. Since it happens when I watch other people play (standing or sitting behind them or to the side, I don't think it is distance that will help. I get motion sick in carwashes. It is pretty ridiculous.
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