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  1. Where does the paint come from? I got more hiking type boots, I didn't scrap everything, I sold some and while sorting noticed that some clothing of the same type was better than others. Each piece give heat and cold resistance, but the values and the total values differed. One piece might give 2 and 2 another of the same type give 3 and 1. I ended up keeping the highest total value clothes of each type . It seemed the BOU set gives the best general protection unless you are in very hot or very cold.
  2. Ok, reallyreallyreally NEED higher FOV. period fullstop. I love this game, but not enough to endure hours of simulator sickness to play it.
  3. If you don't like a perk or game mechanic ... MOD it!
  4. I'm looking forward to the new release. I'm the crafter & farmer player while hubby likes the hack & slash + explore parts. Each time TFP changes some aspect of the game, we try it out. Sometimes it means a total re-imaging of how we play the game with changes in focus. Sometimes it is annoying, sometimes it gives us a oh WOW experience. If TFP change something that we find is vital to the way we like to play, we will mod it. TFP's have made an excellent base game which even without modding is accessible to most people that enjoy this genre. If I am not mistaken the large change in A18 made modding much easier. I want to see more game story and more optimizing (lolz). If it's too hard, MOD IT. If it's too easy, MOD IT. If you don't like how X functions, MOD IT.
  5. Two words: Neutron Bomb. The idea behind it was to minimize the blast/explosive yield while enhancing the radiation to leave buildings intact but to blast everything living with highly damaging neutron radiation. The large neutrons (as compared to alpha, beta or gamma) are highly damaging to living tissue. The other types of particles are damaging as well but are blocked by various substances, such as a piece of paper in the case of alpha particles. Alpha particles are very dangerous when ingested, but are typically stopped by clothing. So.... are we still learning by doing and using farming plots????
  6. While I LOVE McD and the Big Mac is da bomb, they are not the best burgers, what they are is consistent. If I go to BFE and everyplace is a crap shoot as far as quality and such, I know that the Big Mac in BFE will taste the same way as it does in Tulsa. kinda the Devil you know.
  7. I want to know why my nurses only carry cash... Naughty Nurses
  8. I vote for the revival of the voodoo doll from BLOOD
  9. I have heard (urban legend) that the proper amount of C4 can be used to gently heat a can of food. . .
  10. Guppy. Can you please stop posting. Almost everything you post DEMANDS a response from me, and that response is always some form of sexual harassment on my part. This one is "Can I have your babies"
  11. Sometimes you have to speak the truth even if it burns your throat and scalds your tongue.
  12. I remember one or 2 versions the Feral had TELEPORT, at least that was what it looked like. you would see him down the street and turn to run and he was IN YOUR FACE.
  13. Hubby figured out what was happening with the hatches having to be opened twice in b208. If you leave the hatch open and leave the chunk, the game resets the doors graphics to closed and changes the collision to closed even though they were left open (or something like that) So when we return home and try to activate what we see as a closed hatch, it plays the sound and nothing appears to happen in game when in reality it is "closing" the hatch and we have to activate it again to open it. I think that is as clear as mud. Pardon that I have no understanding of states and collisions or if I am stating what everyone already figured out.
  14. Ok, here is how you deal with magical spawning sleepers. Run around the exterior of the POI, get close to windows and such and count to something like 10. They will spawn, you will see them and then they will begin trying to get to you. The open doors and windows for you to shoot at them. Exploit? some will call it that, I call it looking very very closly for sleepers hiding in the shadows until they appear and you can see them.
  15. Oh my gosh TYTYTYTY we love your HUD! Works great.
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