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A17 Feedback


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Great job on A17 - It looks great and the new AI is fantastic. The game really is a challenge again as it should be!


Just a few things that I'd Like to see;


  • Player models really need an overhaul as well. All the graphics look great except the player models are really showing their age
  • First person animations aren't very good. I'd love to see a bit a of gun sway and weight added to weapons and movement. That would really add to the immersion in the world and interaction with things around you.
  • Less bullet spongy zombies and more of them to fight instead would be a nicer approach to difficulty. Also every hit needs zombie feedback. If you hit a zombie with a shotgun it should always respond. It will make shooting much more satisfying
  • Performance is still pretty damn bad and I really hope we see some improvement here
  • Not a big fan of the new perk system. It's so artificially gated and the sense of accomplishment that came with progression through doing is totally gone. I miss spam crafting.
  • Kinda ties in with progression - I'm not a big fan of the new quality system for weapons. I preferred the much broader quality and how that impacted all the stats. The new simplified system doesn't really do it for me. This combined with the new perk system feels a bit soulless. The sense of accomplishment and achievement is gone.
  • Bring back smell! I loved it when all that meat attracted zombies.
  • Bring back dismemberment! - Not sure why I can't rip off any limbs? I wish zombies would dismember even more than they did previously.

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