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how to export prefab for a17e


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Sharing what I learned...


Using the In-Game Export Prefab feature:


- Be in Debug Mode -

*Stand at one corner and press the Z key to place your first marker. (Pressing Backspace will remove markers)

*Move to the opposite corner and press the Z key again to place your second marker. (you can also hold the key and drag it around to change sizing)

*Use the "drop" key (which is whatever key you have assigned to drop items, G by default), to adjust your positioning

*Shift + Drop Key will allow you to extend your placement

*Press Esc then Tap Export Prefab, name it, and save.


then you can load it into the prefab editor and work on it some more, and just click SAVE when you want to save it.


To import into a live game: -- Note this only seems to work in SP, Dedicated MP servers don't seem to have the option.


Make sure you have all 5 files in the proper places. Test this out on a solo game till you get the hang of it.

When you make a prefab in the editor it will go to this folder (at least for me): C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\7 Days To Die\Data\Prefabs

You will need to copy all 5 files to the server files. (NIM file, INS file, JPG file, XML file, and TTS file)


Load into your game:


-Be in Debug Mode (DM)-

*Locate where you would like to place your prefab.

*Press Z to place a selector block, this block will be the Southwest corner of your prefab

*Press K to open Dynamic Menu

*Select Dynamic Prefab

*Select your Prefab from the list

*Select Load into Prefab (This will create an empty yellow box the size of your prefab, this will show you the area it will consume on placement, so you can make sure that you want to place it there. If you do not like the placement of the box, select Delete Prefab, and try again. Backspace will remove the blue selector block)

*Once you have a location you like, select Apply BB Position - WARNING: this will permanently displace the terrain. Even if you don't place it after all.

*If there is decorations (trees and such) that are still there after you place your prefab, select Repl. Active Prefab. (This will erase your prefab and any decor in the way) then use Apply BB Position again.

*Log out, when you log back in, your prefab will be placed, permanently. (I do not know how to turn off the yellow/green box without logging out)



there doesnt seem to be a Import Console command.

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