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LazMan's A17 Impressions

Laz Man

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Navesgane, Nomad, Default Settings except 120 minute days. (Havent played 7d2d in months)


Day 1:

I spawn in the desert next to a car on a road.

The game looks familiar but different. I make some gamma and LOD changes to make things look less washed out.


I start things off getting my bearings and begin on the starter quest while looting any nearby containers. As my bag starts to overflow with junk I notice the new encumbrance system kick in forcing me to make tough decisions on what to keep/throw/scrap.


Once finished with the quest right before the trader quest, I spend a few minutes to invest in a few perks to improve my quality of life easier (str > pack mule, fort > HP Regen, Agi > Stam Regen)


Once equipped with a club and bow I muster up the courage to attempt to conquer a nearby broken down 2 story POI. To my relief, the only zombie in the entire POI was a female in the basement standing behind a furnace.


I start combat with a stealth headshot with the bow followed by another for good measure then finally moving in melee range for the kill. LazMan 1, Zombies 0. :)


While exploring the POI, I discover a military crate (ak47 and some bullets, score!) submerged in water, a destroyed work station and a bag hidden behind a peeling piece of wallpaper (Great job POI designers!)


With my string of victories, I raise my nose to the sky and embark on my quest to the nearby Trader outpost.


The desert landscape along the way has a deep orange hue that is pleasing to the eye. Bulging outcrops of rock formations litter the desert landscape creating an organic maze like feel creating a sense of wonder of what may lay behind the next turn/mound. (Great job landscape algorithm and/or designer :))


To be continued after breakfast ..... :)

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