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Something More Serious Hosting. No Brains Needed Service. Limited offer.


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Public 7 days to die game server.


SMS Montreal Canada PVE A17 E





Need help with your 7 days to die servers?

I got you covered.


i have 2 game servers ready to go to try and demo.

If you like them you can rent them and join my team of server owners,

and enjoy SMS Support in game.



I will manage everything for you all you do is play.

If you want more control i will give you RDP access which makes modding super easy.


Try these 2 game servers anytime once you decide you want them I will set them up the way you want them.

(No mod Support Until A17 is stable) (My Support is vanilla only)


If you want to mod them or change a setting i will give you a 70GB ssd space and your own account.

Log in 24/7 through RDP (Remote Desktop Connection)


Got my website for more details and to contact me.



SMS Group Leader,

Noobs Inc.



Eric Nepoose.


Have a great apocalypse die well.




Server info.


SMS Demo Server A17 E



Navezgane Map

10 players can be upgraded to 20


**Botman Server manager Offline

Will be online soon.



SMS Demo Server Two A17 E



RWG Map Size 8192

10 players can be upgraded to 20

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Coming soon THE SMS ARCADE. join my discord and cast your pick for new game servers before feb 15th. READ ON!!!!.

7 FEB @ 9:36AM - NOOBS INC.

i made a new channel called what game servers do you want sms to host. please take some time and consider game servers you would like my gaming group to host before next week feb. 15th.


i will pick from this list or i will just host them all. 7 days to die will remain online but only 2 game servers. i will close the rest it is time i expanded the groups game servers to include more games. so post your pick i will consider next week what we shall have next.


I have some holidays coming up so i will actally have time to do something finally

been such a rough start to my year and i haven;t been able to do half the things i wanted to .


I will call it ........... THE SMS ARCADE



use this invite to join my discord.






SMS Group Leader,

Noobs Inc.

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