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Cyrillic fonts are not supported in game chat anymore?


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Hi guys, just wanted to ask a quick question:

Was font with Cyrillic support removed from a game completely, or is it just an issue with an experimental build?

If it was intentional, then why? It would be a pretty strange decison considering 7DTD is pretty popular in Russia and Russian-speaking countries.


Obligatory Sorry for my English.

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Chinese and Russian have stopped working in the new chat!


Hello everyone!

With the font of the game did something in the new chat in version 17?

He stopped supporting Chinese and Russian?

The problem of chatting the game, the new chat has ceased to support the symbols.

Is it very important for half the game audience.

Will this be fixed in a stable version of the game?


And sorry for my English.

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I'm not sure on the specific issue with the client, but these characters have always had issues and caused problems on the back-end of the client. Especially with using the api or telnet for server managers/bots.


Maybe later where there is actual localization in place for the languages is will be different.

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