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Some questions


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1. How do i regenerate my stamina to a full bar? Health you can use simple bandages. Which i think is the stupidest idea pimps have come up with so far.

why not have a simple rest on sleeping bed or bed to regen your health and stamina, it would be a nice thing to do during night time

2. Clay, does it still look the same, and where does it spawn now, used to be near rocks but cant find any now.


My overall thoughts, graphically big improvement, random map still gets weird terrain in some places.

Its a different game, would like to see certain changes in the future, and since vultures are as common as zombies, perhaps reduce their damage amount, bleeding and chance of infection should be vultures trait, its a bird not a horse.

Zombies tend to get up way too quick when downed the first time. This will be an issue when playing online, since lag causes zombies to have a ridiculous reach. Many players use the knock them down with arrows then run up and use club to finish them off, to improve melee skill.

Dear pimps, does every aspect of the game have to be locked behind a skill point???

Also love the amount of zombies spawning.

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