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  1. A19 seems to have altered some things. I've used this UABE for years to remove the night time spooky music from the resource.assets file https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/4388-how-to-remove-bg-spooky-music-at-night After removing the sound files the game is stuck on the start loading screen with 'Gamesparks preview mode' in the bottom left corner, tried disabling gamesparks in game launcher but still stuck on loading. Any ideas?
  2. Was fun to loot for the specific gun parts, same with the parts for building vehicles few alphas ago. Was hoping they'd expand on those but was scrapped. Why can't we have parts and mods?
  3. That things classed as a tool?! Horde of angry dwarves swarming to TFP office
  4. This doesn't sound good. I don't mind stone age tools and weapons use them a lot anyways, but I don't like linearity. Random is so important in these games, bringing back degradation would solve this. Have the chance to find decent tools/weapons but degrading means you need a way to fix, keep looting to find other tools/weapons to use. Currently no degradation, find that pink weapon/tool gg.
  5. Yer all done and dusted, jaxteller has some nice mods to 5x the zombies, you can still outrun nightmare zeds. Insane/nightmare, 25% loot, stone age tools and bows only, permadeath, no trader, no can food. I think I've just played too much and needed a breather. I'm sure I'll try 19 at some point. Its mainly the perk/attributes system, i just don't find it engaging. I came to have a look if there's any news on a revamp but it seems they're gonna stick with it.
  6. That's the problem. Casual. Immersion is at an all time low for me now nearing 5k hours. Due to lbd removed and this attribute/perk system I haven't even tried a19 yet, then I saw devs showcasing the new 'sprites' (fancy word for crap) all over the screen, more immersion being removed I literally said "NO!" while watching the video. Character creation / progression is non engaging. Some have offered advice to 'fix' it eg give yourself 2 points every level just to by pass these useless Attributes. Some have mentioned zomboid, very interesting character creation over there. I get it, catering
  7. Thanks! Was shocked coming back to see all this crap on my screen, wth!? I'm actually getting worried where 7days is heading.
  8. I found out the problem, nothing to do with Darkness Falls, was Nitrogen I didn't have the compo pack installed, all working now. Ugh it was like going cold turkey without my 7dtd fix.
  9. Thx Guppy! So I've gotten back to vanilla but now after doing the starter quests the locate trader quest starts I get the repeated red 'NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.' error, and strangely the trader coordinates are 0 0. I tried using pastebin to post output log but it exceeded their 512kb size, this is the snippet I copied from my output log that repeats itself: NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at ObjectiveGoto.GetPosition (EntityNPC ownerNPC, System.Collections.Generic.List`1[T] usedPOILocat
  10. Sry if asked before how do I go back to vanilla 7days or do I have to uninstall the mod?
  11. Yes the path IDs change every update but the path names 'a_night_oneshot1' 'a_night_oneshot2' etc remain the same, there's a search path name function in the AssetBundleExtractor. under Options > Search by name. My dropbox account closed so I've uploaded the latest A18.4 resource.assets without all the spooky music to my google drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ehhqkDCU7om0N1KckwUnxOKPvymUEjTm/view?usp=sharing Every update puts the spooky music back in so you will need to replace the file every time. I'm not a modder/coder so there's probably an easier way but this is just ho
  12. Anyway to change the Blood Moon Frequency to 1 day? Currently it's only on 3 or 7 days Edit: Nvm found it, 7 Days To Die\Data\Config\XUi_Menu - windows.xml
  13. Safe and speedy recovery!! We need u back fighting the zombies asap.
  14. With vehicle updates for a19 are you guys thinking of removing carrying vehicles in inventory? It always felt weird and it would make breakdowns less of an event if we can carry vehicles in our pockets. Larger vehicles carrying light vehicles might be interesting though, maybe 4x4 and gyro can carry a bicycle.
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