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MOD: Advanced Character Customization


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Hello again Everyone!

I am working on an idea for a new mod and have ran into a few roadblocks.

Figured I would toss it up hear and see what happens. :)


In this mod, I am looking to achieve an Animal Player Character. Where the player would be able to become the animal as their character. Say have a wolf bite for an attack, or maybe go as far as having ailments like werewolf.

What about a "Vorpal Bunny" (<- old UO reference) for a PvP. Who wouldn't want to see a PvP battle between a Feral Bear and a Rabbit.........Adding player stats of course. :) Or maybe a PvE community of cute little bunnies and deer, that devour you as soon as you let down your guard.


Anyway, I am able to select the character profile I created in the player profiles and login.

I was even able to make the character invisible or see though.

Yet, I am not getting the animal image to show as the character on login.(own server / client)


Currently I have written new entries for the PhysicsBodies, Archetypes, and EntityClasses.

However, I am not quite getting what I am looking for. actual animal entity but player controlled, buffed, skilled, etc.


I would like to add that I am not looking for the work to be done for me.

The fun comes in learning and implementing your own work.


Any help or assistance is definitely appreciated.



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