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Add Material into Forge no work


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Here's some things, that I can remember from the top of my head for you to check. To make it easier to understand, lets call the new material 'gold':

  • materials.xml - define the 'gold' material
  • items.xml - create two items, one 'gold', that has the 'gold' material set as its material and another would be unit_gold item (the item must be named unit_ + MaterialName = unit_gold), that would:
    <property name="Extends" value="unit_iron" />

    and also has material set to 'gold'

  • recipes.xml - if you want to be able to scrap items made out of gold material, you must add:
    <recipe name="gold" count="1">
     <wildcard_forge_category />

  • blocks.xml - find forge and add 'gold' to InputMaterials:
    <property name="InputMaterials" value="iron,brass,lead,glass,stone,clay,[color="#FFA500"][b]gold[/b][/color]"/>

  • XUi/windows.xml - find windowForgeInput and add your new material:

    also change grid to include new material so that it shows in the list:

    <grid rows="[color="#FFA500"][b]7[/b][/color]" ...>
    <forge_material name="0"/>

If I forgot something, someone please correct me.

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