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Ho to add hornets to alpha 16?


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someone wrote me that this mod adds hornets to alpha 16:



But they have some other changes and i only want to add hornets to my game.

How can i do that?


I know some modding, but I'm not very good.

i just made some small changes in biomes.xml, added some recipes in recipes.xml and made some smaller changes in items, traders and blocks.xml.


But i have no idea about adding new enemys to my game.


Best greetings,


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You have to patch your game with SDX so it can load custom models.


There's a whole tutorial on that: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?72888-7D2D-SDX-Tutorials-and-Modding-Kit


Important note: The hornets in my mod are an asset I bought. If you want them for personal use, that's fine. If you want to include them in a mod, you cannot do that unless you ALSO purchase the asset (which I'm happy to provide a link to). :)

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