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we just want MORE zombies


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Hey, I just started renting a server so my friends and I can play by our own rules.... were only at day 28 but the past 4 blood moons were pathetic. the max amount allowed for my server provider is 24 zeds per person during blood moon. but once you kill them...that's it! I assumed once you kill your 24, more would spawn and it would continue till 4am.....

The server we USE to play on was on day 600 and when blood moon hit.....it was a fight alllll damn night till past 4am...it was a lot of fun. I want that again, the support people from my provider said maybe they were using a mod. so now im asking yall….is there a mod to just jack up the zombie numbers. we want action. Im not very tech savy...so I don't want to be replacing folders ...clicking and dragging this to that and that to this.

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