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Xml server side help with windows


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Hi there,


i work now since some days in the UI.


My problem is now that i can create new windows new buttons, but iam not able to give them new links. I mean if i create a new Window, i can only add this to another opend window like character or map or ingame menu. And and and


Is there a little chance to create the link without the controllers? think the controllers are all in the Client.


I tryd it now with other options like mouseover and tooltips, but its not the best result ;(



Sry 4 english

Thanks from Germany


I was first in the bad forum;(

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As far as i know - not all windows require a controller.

You can create your own window, but what functionality will this window have?


You need to specify what exactly you want to do. Perhaps it can not be done for another reason, or there is another way.


Probably, want to make another tab for "windowPagingHeader"?

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No i want some buttons for Server Info Pages


But i cant open new windows with new buttons or?




an example


i create a new button like


<button style="press, hover, paging.window.icon.mynewwindow" collider_scale="1.5"/>


at windowPagingHeader

and i add a new windowgroup a style and an window

but how can i tell the button that he opens the right windowgroup or window ?!?!


i see no examples like this to create own links in the xml files ;/



i search now since 4 days ;/ lookd at other mods and searching all about xml in 7 days -_- but i cant find any mod with own windows. Only with own windows in already existing windowgroups :(

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Yes, i think what you need - is to control the "controller", it can't be done with .xml links.

The functioning of the buttons in the windows are tied to the "controllers", and if you need a function that doesn't exist already - then you need to add your "controller" in .dll (using SDX).


(by the way, if you didn't know - then pay attention to the fact that the group of windows listed in the xui.xml and there too the controller is appointed...)


also, check out the "Starvation" Mod, maybe some answers will find there...


I am sure, but do not take what i said for the final verdict - i almost did not try to implement it because there was no such task for me. I hope that people who have experienced this will confirm or refute my information.

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