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So I have already posted this on the discord but I have an idea... Ventilation! it should really matter. imagine having to plan for that when you make your fort or while mining. The basis is already there too, the oxygen meter from when you are swimming. It could use a system where if you are in a closed area you only have a certain amount of oxygen unless you have a vent of some kind. Or in the instance of a cave you have reduced oxygen when you are a certain distance from the surface. You can even give zombies and players the ability to climb through ventilation shafts.

you can also do something with air conditioning like have it pull heat from one area and put it by the outside compressor unit.

I think having to plan around your ventilation would add a really neat dynamic to base building and would make some neat additions to "dungeons"

the blocks are already kind of there too. they can be more than just decorative now though.

Does anyone else think this would be cool?

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