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High-strength, durable stone sinks are the choice of many families when designing kitchen furniture. However, if not properly used, preserved, regular cleaning, pots also quickly damaged. Let's take a look at the notes when using this furniture offline.

Notes to avoid when using a sink

For pots that can be used for a long time, you should not pour or soak green tea, tea, coffee grounds, or refined residues into the stone sink as these can cause yellow stain, making the pot quickly degraded, aesthetic loss.


Besides, you should not put glue, paint or chemicals on the surface of the pot, it is easy to damage the shiny surface of the stone sink.


How to clean the shiny stone sink

Stone sinks are often very dusty so you need to use dishwashing liquid regularly, clean after use. Often, you should clean in the evening, after using clean dishwashing water, you can use diluted cooking oil on the surface of the pot and dry cloth to dry clean. This will keep the pots shiny, dust-free.


Besides, you can also often eat vinegar, fresh lemon rub the surface of the pot to remove the bacteria that live here. With a faucet and you can use an old toothbrush with vinegar to eat or a special cleaning brush.


With alkaline water you should be careful when using it, avoid using too much directly in the stone sink as they can form yellow stain, causing the surface of the pot to quickly deteriorate.


Hopefully with these sharing you will know how to use the stone sink, keeping the pot is always shiny and durable.

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