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Three years of "7 Days charity" event for children with cancer


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Dear FunPimps,

Dear 7 Days Community,


as you probably know, 7 Days to Die has established a very large community in Germany in the last years.

One thing you don't know yet is that we have been helping children with cancer for 3 years by playing your game.


This Event is called





Because of the suffer through the therapy of the children, we left out the "to die" of course and changed the logo, to prevent misunderstandings.


The money will always be used to support an institution that provides housing for parents so they can stay in close to their children, who are treated with chemotherapy in the clinic. In addition, there are special nurses and the facility also ensures that the clinic is equipped for thise kids. In 2016 we collected € 5,500 (USD 6300) and in 2017 more than € 7,000 (USD 8000). Due to the fact, that the German streaming market is so much smaller than the US market, this was an incredibly high amount for us.


Now, the 3rd Event just has been finished Live on Twitch with 15 Streamers.

We are more than proud of our phenomenal community and their incredible support for charity.

We collected yesterday night a preliminary result of 13,333.33 Euro (15495,32 Dollar) which is now in total over three years the stunning sum of 30.000 USD for the children.



We'd like to thank Roland for his kind words.

But we wanted to tell this to the whole forum, because we think that the developers of this game or YOU as part of the incredible 7 Days community might be proud that something is happening for a good purpose with 7 Days. And we would be happy if this fact might be shared with the team around MadMole.


We never wanted any kind of advertisement, especially because we are streaming in german with a german community and things would be much more difficult with an english chat (because we are not really good in english ^^) but we think after this event it would be the right time to send this post.


If anyone might feel that the amount should be a bit higher, feel free to support the children via this tipeeestream-link.


Below you might find our teaser with english subtitles, hopefully with translated video description (diffcult to test in germany)


Another video as evidence with a hand over of the cheque will follow until mid of november on all channels.


See you next year :)


And now we wish you a great Alpha 17.


Best regards,

Asrac Carsa and Valcry






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