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  1. Exactly. Thirst/hunger between 50-100% info shouldnt be there - below 50% should be there constantly...idealy as a bar not a countdown ... And same should go for health...if I'm building, mining, farming and havent been hit by anything for a day or two I don't need the health bar - but if I have been hit it should be visible until I do sth to get rid of it.
  2. Sry, I dont mean fading out with a timer like the chat...better way to put it would be only visible if its between 0 and ie. 50%
  3. If they fade out after 2-3 secs I agree, but I think if they become visible/less opaque with their relevancy and stayed until you solve the problem there is no real distraction. Showing hunger and thirst when they are below 50% would probably mean these bars come one once, maybe twice a day, remind you of eating and go away after you did. A health bar that is only visible when its below 80% would only become visible in action - and only disappear the instance you take action/take a bandage,etc.. Stamina may make sense to only fade out at 100% so it only becomes visible by your action. I dont think players would really get distracted by a display they directly cause to appear or disapear by pushing a button in the long run...
  4. Depends on how its done. The lack of an information display could be used as information in itself - ie. The current two bars: If my stamina is at 100% I would not need to see a bar, and if my health is at 100% no need for it either. So by not seeing something in that corner I just know that its at 100%. If you go one step further I would say 80% is still not really relevant info and could still be not shown - I know when I run, and I know when I get hit - so if I run/get hit, see nothing in the corner I know its not 100, and I would still know its not below 80%. Its not necessary for all information to be displayed all of the time, but a mix that just shows relevant info might be. No need for Stamina, Health, Hunger, Thirst and temperature bars all at once; no need to show hunger and thirst above ie 50% or stamina above ie 80% but would be nice to have those bars fade in once they become relevant to me...
  5. Black rain...would even fit the setting...
  6. Depends... will clothing be changed so that certain types can help you in cold and in warm conditions? will it be possible to combine cloth items of same type and different colour to a default colour? Currently constantly alternating Poncho and Winterjacket - taking up one slot; and carrying about 200% more looted clothes around than I would ever need because I can hardly remember what colour my highest quality Shirt has so I can combine it to 600 Q
  7. +1 Yes please - distant howling and/or barking noise at hordespawn can't be impossible to implement.
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