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  1. Are there any plans to fix lamer tactics for the hordes with upsidedown/half blocks in order to exploit pathfinding?
  2. Any ideas if there will be another update today? last weeks the update just dropped in while streaming
  3. A bug is a bug. And I really see no challenge to build a wall. But the block is not useable as it should be. Probaby it has to do with the linear lighting
  4. In latest Experimental, the glass blocks still have a transparency problem. If you build a wall with it and you remove a block, you will nearly see no difference. Without reflections it' quite impossible to see any difference between air and glass.
  5. Of course. But the last years, they just switched the stamp from "Experimental" to "Stable" while Stable got 20 Bugs more than the former Exp-Version. And I'm afraid that this will happen again.
  6. Performance is very bad now. This must be fixed before going stable. Own Buildings are popping suddenly into the view. Terrible. A big step back in the development. I really can't understand how they could release this update. They should rollback.
  7. I would be bored as well with this settings. 90 Minutes is for beginners. Switch to 40 or 60 max and to survivalist at least. Then reconsider. If the horde night is too short for you, then you can switch on horde night to 120 minutes. If you just miss the bandits, you can edit the xml. They are working with a few changes. we already used them in A17 in an event. Even ranged bandits worked very well.
  8. Dear Fun Pimps, the new gs dependent loot is a good idea. Although I would recommend a much higher gs. But it's still possible to buy an AK or any other weapon from the trader with GS 12, instead of 51. I think it would be consequent to change make trader inenvtory gs dependent as well. Just my 2 cents. Maybe you will reconsider this bevor stable. Val
  9. Now you probably know why and for what you really should apologize to sarah. The hint was correct. I the problem is in front of the keyboard, it's not our fault.
  10. Is any rewrite of the code bases which become obsolote in the last years planned? For instance the audio manager, pathfinding, artificial intelligence, networking code?
  11. Played a bit with my own heightmap an mask. Works like a charm Edited. Works now with biomes.png. If you watch my edits, it was too small Thank you for your help.
  12. @Damocles Thanks, that should be helpful. I event don't need a city, a few buildings would be enough. The last years we used Navezgane and our playground was the pine forest around diersville. since A17 they changed the biomes there and it was a bit more difficult to explain the guys where the borders are. So my idea was to have a nice small map with surrounding water via nitrogen. Then it's totally clear where the playfield would be Just green biomes on a small map with a few huts would be totally enough.
  13. For a 7 Days to Die Charity PvP-Event I would like to genereate a very small map. Just 1024 in size would be enough. But it seems that nitrogen is always resetting the manual size to 4096. Is there any possibility to generate smaller maps? @Damocles could you take a look at this matter, please? PS: I just tried to use a 4k genHM.png but with a lot more water. The problem is that it could work, but Nitrogen is still generating streets in the water in order to fill the whole 4k. So this is not a valid workaround, unfortunately.
  14. I would like to generate a 1024 Map. But Nitrogen is resetting the size to 4096 every time. Is there sourcecode available so I can fix it by myselfe? Or any other tricks involved?
  15. Steam name: DerValiser Hours played: 1560 Started on Alpha: 8 Discord name: DerValiser#1097 Native language: German Ex-Youtuber with more than 1400 Hours Gameplay on Youtube since Alpha 8. https://youtube.com/DerValiser Twitch-Streamer and "member of the alpha pre-stream-group". Also organizer of the large german yearly charity-event "7DaysToCharity" for children with cancer. Professionally I am a software developer and have an idea of how to test and report.
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