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Medieval Mod Appreciation. :P


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Hey all,


just wanted to show my appreciation to the medieval mod.


I have clocked 1082 hours in 7 days to die, about 20 hrs is to just plain old vanilla, the rest I've played on various different mods.


This mod is a piece of art.


The biomes are amazing and the little touches are simply brilliant.


I enjoy the fact EVERYTHING wants a piece of you.


I love history as well so this mod really appeals to me and allows my inner geek to get excited of different characters.


The quests can be a little tedious and currently stuck on one, although I have skilled up and read the book I still cant past it, but I am sure I will figure it out.


The prefabs look amazing, though not much inside to loot, especially the castle’s.


The dungeon’s are freaking fantastic, the dragons though the animation is slightly lacking are fab. The mature dragon scared the living BEEP out of me.


I still haven't seen all the characters and still going around the biomes disturbing them to get them to come out and play.


The skin’s on the ‘wolves’ looks awesome and The Fun Pimp’s could do with updating their wolves to that skin, looks more realistic. Nice touch guys.


I cant wait to see the changes after alpha 17 is released, and will definitely continue to play the mod.


I would love to add some suggestion’s but I would rather wait and see how the story evolves.


Thanks for the experience.


(Played SP&SMP)

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I definitely second the motion!


A lot of wonderful mods here (e.g., Ravenhearst, Starvation, Darkness Falls), but Medieval completely evolved the game dynamics for me, and consequently the game experience.


I can't wait for the Alpha 17 version that is why I started xml editing the items, loots, entity classes to make the game last much longer!


Cheers Medieval Mod Team! You have a winner!

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