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International Language/Localization.txt Simplified This may help Users and Devs


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This game has an international following.

There is a language barrier, in the forums, tutorials, and Localization

text. I recently performed an experiment, mainly for my own edification.

It was also to pre validate whether to submit this idea, or send it to

the circular file.


The results:


Instant inclusion for those understanding the written question.


Instant exclusion for those not. Frustration for some shown in the

instantaneous and lingering posting silence that followed.


Result the dismissal and expulsion of the question.


I apply Occam's Razor to everything I read hear see. It keeps things

simple and in perspective for me.


TFP and 7DTD are breaking ground in different areas.


The internet is used for a quantifiable amount of players.


Xml is not too far from Html, Calls can be made, scripts can be written.

Why not use the internet resource, in game, use a simple scroller script

in a banner configuration, to send text query to google translate which

returns in the users native language, or you can also useany other external

translator. I have seen Systran used.


I suggest google,

because Ive seen it used on company, Tv scrollers for stocks and info.

The GUI that is used in game is nearly simple WYSIWYG format. This makes it

simple to write/adjust/incorporate.

It is potentially imensely expandable to include: 7dtd wiki, Specific

Tutorials created by users in forum, Instant translation of Typed chat text

on servers, A much easier way to create localization text.


Imagine new players just getting their feet wet, with instant access to

7dtd wiki regarding how to build a forge. use mouse over and you have extended

TOOL tips.

A player can keep a journal. This is how I would see possible expansion.

And it can all start from Simple understanding.


If you do it Others WILL; not might; Copy. Better QOL Gaming for all.


This may be an

oversimplification of the process, but it offers less misinterpretation.

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