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Schematic Update


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Currently all the schems are separate and you can learn how to make a rocket launcher and not know how to break down a 9mm? Doesn't make much sense. This could be replaced with a "Weapons Weekly" magazine. This would work as a tier system. First time you get the book you unlock reinforced club, second time maybe spiked club. This will prevent you from finding 20+ rocket launcher books and never finding a 9mm book and have your inventory filled with guns you cant take apart. You can do the same for Armor. Each issue of "Amorous Armor" Gives you the ability to craft 1 piece of Cloth armor, then leather, and so on.


This will also allow you to put new items in game by just adding another tier. Want to add Ballistic armor to the game? Just put it in the code and the next time the player reads an armor book it grants them the first piece of that armor. This can also be expanded to cooking, crafting, all of it! After you have finished the tiers each book adds to your mastery with a point in that crafting field.


1. Weapons Weekly

2. Amorous Armor

3. Fabulous Food

4. Creature Crafting (traps)

5. Magnificent Manufacturing(Gadgets? Lights and what not)


Let me know what you all think!



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This is a brilliant idea. There could also be apocalyptic items that work as follows:


A magazine called "Apocalypse Attacks" is worked on by a survivor group with inventional intentions.

Every in-game week a new release of this magazine is out, scattered around the map to find and added to traders' stocks. When you find a magazine like this, you can see a release data parameter on it. You may be lucky enough to find older magazines at traders' secret stashes if you weren't lucky enough to get them at release date.

Every weekly magazine contains schematic for unique weapons, armor or other types of items that you can craft. They're invented in apocalypse for apocalypse. Highly designed for zombie filled environments.

The magazines should be very rare and hard to find.


What do you think?

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