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Colin248 streaming!


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Hello all! new to streaming but i realy want to take off with it. as such, my intent is to try and stream when i can as often as i can. and for starters, 7 days to die will be the game. im gona be doing a run with the custom prefab pack, to help spicen up the game a bit before alpha 17 drops


speaking of, i shall be eager to discuss upcoming changes on stream about alpha 17, what direction the game is going, and in general, random crap. tends to be what streaming is about no?


also, as a note i may take a break from 7 days to play a bit of warframe or something else, im willing for suggestions. i shall post in this forum when i start streaming, then update a post when i have finished.


feel free to drop on by!.... i desprately need people to talk with and work off of. XD


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Its time again! would stream more often but, got lots of stuff in real life.


anyways, gona be streaming for a while, 7 days to die, continueing. feel free to drop in!....please drop in. i need the views. and the interaction. XD


Edit: stream ended. successfull one too! got a couple more followers, so i am quite pleased :D

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