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  1. im having ptsd. dear god @%$#ING NOOOOO CAZA@%$#YOUDORES! NOOOOOO! looking forward to suffering! XD
  2. hrm what about a random event at night? like... not every 7 days, and can only happen after 21 days, but random nights will start with like, a yelling and whooping sound from the distance. and then a horde of bandits try to @%$# up your base. got no clue if you can actuly do anything like that wiht the current tools available but, just a thought!
  3. thats fair bud. il keep on talking about the feedback and such. il take a firm stance on the mod situation, but i dont think your budgeing on that. 😛 that said, if your taking requests? i duno how you would do it, but adding a radio to the game with fallout 3/new vegas tracks would be neat. give the home a more freindly vibe.
  4. sounds good man. realy love this mod and how it works, and curious if theres anything i can do to help out other then playtest and report back issues.
  5. any luck with the power armour issue/s or not yet bud? also, was curious, got any plans to add power fists to the game? going unarmed and only now found out you dont have em in game. XD
  6. okie, well i also got another bug with items 😛 all il say about it is... drop the rad away pill bottle. and make sure your in a very open area. XD
  7. sorry for not responding! been at work, but il get you the tooltip for the negative buff soon.
  8. to give you a fair point, i do like it when they climb on top of each other to scale your battlements. but i wish that was more intended, instead of a by prodect of them focusing a single point of the base.
  9. theres a difference between stressfull and bull@%$#. by that logic, if by day 70 all the zombies began to jump on air, you would be fine for it? 😛 consistency is key. small bases get quickly attacked via there front door. but late game? when your base is expansive? well, you need to keep things in mind. such as, only have 1 layer thick walls. or else they tunnel up to you because of course. also make sure there is a door or else a good portion of the horde wont actuly bother to pathfind to it.
  10. i can respect such a idea, but it also gets stressfull when your 5 block wide wall is tunneled through effortlessly and they make a stairwell up to you. one of my best defences was ruined because i made the walls too thick. and because the zombies didnt want to travel round the massive wall. im fine with new specials being added to mix up the gameplay. the demolisher is, as far as im concerned, a great way to mix up the gameplay. im excited for when the popler joins there ranks.
  11. first time ive heard of this! can you explain where you parked it? you playing with people?
  12. personaly i just enjoy it when the zombies behave in a way i can make defenses around them. the way i used to play this game way back in the early alphas was by making a elaborate path for them to follow inside on of the houses, slowing them down with camp fires since we didnt have traps back then. and every night was a horde night. but it lead to some realy fun gameplay of scaving for guns and ammo dureing day and holding them off with our tower defence style situation. that still happens now. hell just did a horde night and my base layout is working perfectly. however, would be lieing if i said it doesnt get annoying when they start wailing on a wall they are not supposed too. far as im concerned, they should be taking the path of least ressistance. my metal doors at the front of my base. does it make sense that they know its there and home in on it? no. is it exploitable? sure. but it leads to gameplay where im constantly upping my defences, figureing good ideas to put into play and just how to expand my teams base so we are safe every 7 days.
  13. also, with the ash maker minigun. when running forward and shooting, or when aiming at your feet (or near abouts) the weapon sets you on fire. il keep reporting these as they come up bud. (seams to be a latency issue. not sure what hackery you can do to sort it.) nuka cola quantums negative effect isspeltlikethisandreferstosteroids. for example. Edit: the ash maker minigun only sets you on fire, if your not aiming at another viable target it seams.
  14. Oh, another issue. i just got the full set of power armour magazines. the health bonus is working fine. however, as i was uh... Testing, the ability to ram into people and knock them flat on there ass, one of my freinds one tapped me in the skill. i mean i had it coming but still. XD however, now the ability is... no longer working. full suit of power armour and i cant just barge past people in a rude fashion. thinking the skill buff was lost on death.
  15. with the weapons as they stand, it feels like none are quite... outshining the others. a person with shotguns does just as well as a guy skilled into pistols or rifles. (what with the ability to use slugs and stuff) my horde night possy consists of a good mix of classes and skill choices. a sniper for picking of tougher foes like cops and demolishers before they get to the walls. shotguns covering our entryway. our stealth expert with a pistol plasting the hell out of any enemy that gets past the sniper. assault rifles doing a good mix of everything. and explosives? man the bodies fly when they get together in a clump against the walls. hell the only issue with horde nights is melee, but im thinking thats because i haven't made a base that specializes in beating the crap out of the enemy that are close to the base. need to try that at some point.
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