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  1. nah i noticed it! it seams to vear to the left... or right, so taking off is a bit of a issue. 😧 side note! a mr dub, you taken a break from this mod or there a update coming soon? you been a bit quiet over the past couple weeks, making sure your still alive n breathin. 😛
  2. its more the fact a weapon cannot get its true potential because it lacks the ability to have mods put on it. there are very limited selections when it comes to the weapons in game currently, and overly restricting it just makes it worse. good example would be the M60. cant have any scope, already throwing a ton of selection away. i figured as much with that sniper. however, i always played modded new vegas so even the rare variants could have the normal attachments. and every weapon in the game had 3. gota collect them all! a essential mod for that game if you ask me. mostly cos it did what your trying to limit, give reason to mod and tend to the weapons. but i digress! it does a ton of damage already so, its not too mcuh of a fuss.
  3. oh! another thing i wana talk about is how stingent your weapons are with mods. for example, the repeater doesnt want many of the mods that dont even show up on most models. a bipod, a folding stock n so on. same goes for the Arizona campaign rifle. my friend tried putting on a few mods but it wouldn't accept them. like a silencer, stock, ect. i would recommend giving the weapons a look at to allow mods to be put on them. laser sights, flashlights and so on. they don't need to be perfectly functional, or even show on the model, just so the effect from them works. (silancer being the big one for something like the Arizona.)
  4. yeh i only just found some energy pistol ammo, and that was on my fresh start with your bandit camps. upping the rarity of ammo, but keeping the weapons scarce isnt a bad call.
  5. after playing a bit more, and getting past game stage 100, my freind found a rare variant of a laser rifle as a quest reward! made me super chuffed! HOWEVER< its then i realise we havnt found a single bit of ammo for it.... thus i realised, do the ammo packs/storage units have any chance of having laser/plasma ammo/rare types? otherwise im limited to doing T5 quests and hoping for the best. and on the subject of ammo, we found out you cant craft bulk 10mm ammuniton when having learned all the books. this kinda sucks bud, any chance you can sort that? would make the 10mm series more worthwhile useing if we can mass produce the ammo.
  6. as i mentioned, started a fresh game with your POI's with bandits in em. il let ya know what day and gamestage we find a rare variant on our main server! curiously tho, whats the repeater class as then? a pistol, a assault rifle? cos it doesn't seam to count as a rifle and thats... wierd to me. X3 i wouldn't tweak it yet, we just got to game stage 100, lets see if they start dropping more commonly, or at all. the idea of super rare loot is realy appealing. a shame to hear about there AI. tho im curious... whats the issue with useing the custom code from the said modders? is it just more hassle then its worth? hell i dont even know if the codes any good just wana know why your adverse to useing it. X3 for the time being, see bandits casually wondering around is a bit tense, but they have the benefit of beating the crap out of any nearby zeds. they super aggro to them it seams. EDIT: on the topic of exp, these guys seam on par with a feral. (i also forgot i play with 200% exp instead of 100. cos gaining 1 level per horde night is boreing. XD ) so making them match respectively, seams about right. your plan for a more ladder like exp seams much better. especily with there threat levels. and a last question, whats your plans for the mod? you just gona keep adding fallout esc stuff to the game? if so, what does that entail? new POI's obviously. (i scoped out the nuka factory, what a lovely looking place! and keeps with the 7 days theme of a progressive through line of exploreing the POI. )
  7. Hey Bdub! giving some creative mode feedback, not indicitive of actual game play YET. i do plan to play on the world i generated. speaking of, putting the lines into the prefab box worked a charm! got your lovely nuka factory spawning, as well as the bandit POI's. Firstly, the idea of keeping the bandits locked inside these hideouts, only to be disturbed when broken open is actuly a neat idea. means you get to do something intentional to rile them up and assault ya. your idea of wondering hordes being replaced with bandit squads also sounds like fun! (tho if ya can, limit that to a higher gamestage) however, there behaviour is.... wierd. where the zombies pathfind to try and get to you, these guys have tendencies to get stuck. not a big deal im sure, but finding three in a basement walking into a wall and shooting into it to break it was a little jaring. also, when they kill you.... uh... i mean sure, they are cannibals' but its a little odd to eat right off the bone. 😛 is it possible for them to use the zombie whack animation and deal high melee damage to doors (as apposed to oppening fire on the door infront of them)? or perhaps just open doors in there hideouts. would lead to less issues i feel as they curse at the door loudly and angrily in a attempt to assault you. overall, deffinatly doing a playthrough of this, because you put good loot in there hideouts! the vault tec chest being filled with mod ammo? what a awsome idea! hell im sure its tied to game stage so theres gona be even better stuff to find. On my other world (up to day 32 now) we havnt found a single legendary yet. probably a good thing but, dureing my creative testing had a couple of questions. are legendaries effected by skills? and can they be modded. and if not, why not? these are rare as sin items from what i can tell so far. makeing them powerfull endgame items would be cool. (having a maria with a silencer would make my freind very happy im sure. XD ) will probably start up on the world i generated with a fresh run! a solo run for myself. give it a good playtest and see how it goes. i will give more critique as it goes! that is, if your willing to hear it. i can stop giving such feedback if your not too fussed. 😛 EDIT: oh! forgot to mention. the exp rate for bandits seams kinda low... 1000 as a flat value no matter the type you killed. (im asumeing the gummy bear variant are the bosses. 😛 ) also, there weapons dont act like said weapons. shotgun and rifle behave fun, slow fireing n such. but the ak boi fires a single shot and waits years to fire again. should be a low damage but more frequent shooter. also the gentlemen with firearms tend to rush ya... duno if you can make it so they hang back and open fire, whilst there melee buddies close the gap.
  8. Shoot, couple of questions for ya bud. currently they spawn in the wild right? im gona need to nab a mod that ups the spawn rate in the wilderness then, theres pleanty so thats no issue, was just making sure they can do. are they like... single spawns or spawn as a small group? and the other question is, how hard would it be, to make the trader have quests for these bandit POI's that convert the normal ones INTO bandit ones? (and vise versa. say you get a fetch at a tier 4 poi that can be bandit occupied, and it simply coverts it, depending on the trader mission.) been playing with freinds and dont want to restart yet and this kinda thing would be cool, having the trader put us up against tougher foes.
  9. thats fair freind. will need to restart a map and see if the nitrogen profile works, but im eager to give it a go! we been waiting for bandits for yonks now.
  10. hrm... why not make different versions like what fun pimps do with the zombies? with the zeds you got normal, feral and radiated. why not have similar for your bandits? would help ballance them to the game stage! (not sure how you would tweek there appearance to see the differences)
  11. oh @%$# you got bandits now?! in custom modified vanila POI's?well now this may be worth checking out! you say it can also be modified into nitrogen? man it must be christmass! will have to give this a try later however. im still super curious how it plays tho.
  12. you cant rush art freind. and what you do is very much a creative process like that. 😛 take your time, dont rush it. all im saying is, tone it back a bit with the zeds being good at so many things. X3 or if they are, counter ballance it by making them much rarer a sight.
  13. this is good! i am by no means a beginner to this game, ive played for many, many hours. i enjoy the hell out of it. but with many games, theres always a ballance to try and strike. my main draw to your mod was for the new types to turn general gameplay on its head, and it achived that! from the candy girls debuff, to the invisible vultures that would catch me off guard when simply trying to get through a POI. your mod has great potential. but the ballance of it must be taken into account. in the base game, the demolist represents a great threat to any base design, as he can cleave through blocks if there isnt a straight way to his targets. cops can take care of players trying to use, high vantage points, along with vultures to harass and distract them. but everything is in (semi) moderation. throwing 8-10 different zeds that can melt blocks pretty dam quickly (looking at YOOOU MUMMY AND IRON WORKER) as well as be as tanky as a rad cop, doesnt give much room for defence in the early game without going to exploit loop builds, something me and my players dont realy want to do. this mod has fantastic potential, brilliant potential, freind. and with the gamestage being a valuable tool, as well as other features currently in game, i have no doubt you can make this a dam fine mod. just try to take each enemy you create with a bit more... moderation. il be watching this mod eagerly to see how it shapes up!
  14. After Roborltos zombies (im butchering his name badly, not intentionally mind you 😛 ) came through with some issues, i have decided to turn my attention to this pack! im actuly rather eager to try this out, gona be testing the robots and zombies pack to see what kind of mischief i can end up in. Altho i wish to clarify, this is a community project, many people adding different zombie ideas and strengths and so on to the packs yes? obviously leading to a wide verity of quality and quanitity, as you said in a earlier post. would you be looking for active criticism of your packs as i find them, or rather i simply try to play and enjoy?
  15. You asked for more criticism so, here ya go... so far we are enjoying the mod. the new weapons all seam decent, tho we were still in a early game stage. we found some 10mm pistols in loot but otherwise the trader was our go too for melee weapons and such. could be the gamestage bull@%$# is diddleing with even weak melee weapons like the tire iron and so on from turning up. it sucks. XD given more time im sure more awsome weapons would show... but currently seeking a new mod that adds zombies to the game to spicen up the horde nights and general gameplay. Robortos zombies is a no go for now. we havnt even found a legendary. that said, when i tried creative, i take it legendaries cannot be modded? only tried with a couple but, couldent put things like a scope on the lever action legendary. EDIT: i just tested in creative mode, im gona assume some weapons are not tied to perks to increase there damage? say the laser and plasma weapons. i tried investing into both assault rifles and snipers, but it didnt seam to increase the damage. you got them set to a value? for the nuke launcher i fully understand XD but for other weapons? seams a bit odd. also, the 10mm seamed to obey the random stat spread that rng can give, i just assumed your other weapons do as well. do they or, with certain weapon types did you prevent that?
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