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  1. i would like to point out, as a game designer, its up to you to figure out how to counter what players are going to do. otherwise the game becomes too easy. deep rocks my fave example of this. in the early days, bunkering was a tactic where you dug a tunnel to funnel the enemies into, so you could murderize everything that enters. its still effective, but the devs made various foes that can now dig. making it so you cant just dig a hole, seal it and stay safe. the devs saw the strat, and instead of removeing it, simply counterd it.
  2. again my frustration isnt towards realism. its more just with shotguns. in most games its the one thing you get right. X3 example: double barrel has 4 shots, but you reload 2 shells. thats... fine? its just the pump action that riles me up. loading two shells and its back to max, no matter its amount it just... graaagh i duno, its just so annoying. XD like, with pistols or, weapons with mags, the ammo count dont matter cos, suspension of disbelife. also i aint a gun nutt. but shottys are special. hell, the auto shotty is fine. its just the pumpy, that baby needs to feel like a proper pumpy.
  3. yeh i can see how that can be a issue, i was accounting for the animation for a 15 round shotgun. and i can figure it would be annoying to reload all 15 rounds... but come on man, part of what makes a pump action satisfying as hell is clearing a room, and then loading them shells ready for the next encounter. its why people use pumpies over automatics for gods sake. XD not everything is a numbers game. unfortunatly it seams the fun pimps disagree, what with there tierd system.
  4. my only gripe with the mechanic is that, instead of loading one after the other, it loads 2 and magicly 8 are in the chamber. now, could this be applied to the revolver when it doesnt have 6 rounds in it? sure, but its far less noticable comparitvly. even ark with its pump action, knows to load shell after shell till the max amount is loaded, and that games held together by paper mashay and silly straws. 😛 my issue isnt realism its... just how aggrivateing the animation is with how it works. XD
  5. So! i took a peek at the upcoming new alpha that was streamed the other day. managed to catch the host useing the pump action. thought the new model looked cool, a decent upgrade to the unity asset or what ever was before it. ....and then he reloaded 2 shells to have 8 in the chamber. im sorry but how many alphas we gone through now? i know this is petty and small considering the grand scale of things that are coming but are you seriously telling me its impossible to reload shell by shell due to development time? or some other Excuse that will be thrown my way to defend this lack of polish to the game for a single weapon? again, this is a tiny gripe, realy not anything big in the grand scheme. but hoooo boy does it grind my gears. XD
  6. im having ptsd. dear god @%$#ING NOOOOO CAZA@%$#YOUDORES! NOOOOOO! looking forward to suffering! XD
  7. hrm what about a random event at night? like... not every 7 days, and can only happen after 21 days, but random nights will start with like, a yelling and whooping sound from the distance. and then a horde of bandits try to @%$# up your base. got no clue if you can actuly do anything like that wiht the current tools available but, just a thought!
  8. thats fair bud. il keep on talking about the feedback and such. il take a firm stance on the mod situation, but i dont think your budgeing on that. 😛 that said, if your taking requests? i duno how you would do it, but adding a radio to the game with fallout 3/new vegas tracks would be neat. give the home a more freindly vibe.
  9. sounds good man. realy love this mod and how it works, and curious if theres anything i can do to help out other then playtest and report back issues.
  10. any luck with the power armour issue/s or not yet bud? also, was curious, got any plans to add power fists to the game? going unarmed and only now found out you dont have em in game. XD
  11. okie, well i also got another bug with items 😛 all il say about it is... drop the rad away pill bottle. and make sure your in a very open area. XD
  12. sorry for not responding! been at work, but il get you the tooltip for the negative buff soon.
  13. to give you a fair point, i do like it when they climb on top of each other to scale your battlements. but i wish that was more intended, instead of a by prodect of them focusing a single point of the base.
  14. theres a difference between stressfull and bull@%$#. by that logic, if by day 70 all the zombies began to jump on air, you would be fine for it? 😛 consistency is key. small bases get quickly attacked via there front door. but late game? when your base is expansive? well, you need to keep things in mind. such as, only have 1 layer thick walls. or else they tunnel up to you because of course. also make sure there is a door or else a good portion of the horde wont actuly bother to pathfind to it.
  15. i can respect such a idea, but it also gets stressfull when your 5 block wide wall is tunneled through effortlessly and they make a stairwell up to you. one of my best defences was ruined because i made the walls too thick. and because the zombies didnt want to travel round the massive wall. im fine with new specials being added to mix up the gameplay. the demolisher is, as far as im concerned, a great way to mix up the gameplay. im excited for when the popler joins there ranks.
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