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  1. im having ptsd. dear god @%$#ING NOOOOO CAZA@%$#YOUDORES! NOOOOOO! looking forward to suffering! XD
  2. hrm what about a random event at night? like... not every 7 days, and can only happen after 21 days, but random nights will start with like, a yelling and whooping sound from the distance. and then a horde of bandits try to @%$# up your base. got no clue if you can actuly do anything like that wiht the current tools available but, just a thought!
  3. thats fair bud. il keep on talking about the feedback and such. il take a firm stance on the mod situation, but i dont think your budgeing on that. 😛 that said, if your taking requests? i duno how you would do it, but adding a radio to the game with fallout 3/new vegas tracks would be neat. give the home a more freindly vibe.
  4. sounds good man. realy love this mod and how it works, and curious if theres anything i can do to help out other then playtest and report back issues.
  5. any luck with the power armour issue/s or not yet bud? also, was curious, got any plans to add power fists to the game? going unarmed and only now found out you dont have em in game. XD
  6. okie, well i also got another bug with items 😛 all il say about it is... drop the rad away pill bottle. and make sure your in a very open area. XD
  7. sorry for not responding! been at work, but il get you the tooltip for the negative buff soon.
  8. to give you a fair point, i do like it when they climb on top of each other to scale your battlements. but i wish that was more intended, instead of a by prodect of them focusing a single point of the base.
  9. theres a difference between stressfull and bull@%$#. by that logic, if by day 70 all the zombies began to jump on air, you would be fine for it? 😛 consistency is key. small bases get quickly attacked via there front door. but late game? when your base is expansive? well, you need to keep things in mind. such as, only have 1 layer thick walls. or else they tunnel up to you because of course. also make sure there is a door or else a good portion of the horde wont actuly bother to pathfind to it.
  10. i can respect such a idea, but it also gets stressfull when your 5 block wide wall is tunneled through effortlessly and they make a stairwell up to you. one of my best defences was ruined because i made the walls too thick. and because the zombies didnt want to travel round the massive wall. im fine with new specials being added to mix up the gameplay. the demolisher is, as far as im concerned, a great way to mix up the gameplay. im excited for when the popler joins there ranks.
  11. first time ive heard of this! can you explain where you parked it? you playing with people?
  12. personaly i just enjoy it when the zombies behave in a way i can make defenses around them. the way i used to play this game way back in the early alphas was by making a elaborate path for them to follow inside on of the houses, slowing them down with camp fires since we didnt have traps back then. and every night was a horde night. but it lead to some realy fun gameplay of scaving for guns and ammo dureing day and holding them off with our tower defence style situation. that still happens now. hell just did a horde night and my base layout is working perfectly. however, would be lieing if i said it doesnt get annoying when they start wailing on a wall they are not supposed too. far as im concerned, they should be taking the path of least ressistance. my metal doors at the front of my base. does it make sense that they know its there and home in on it? no. is it exploitable? sure. but it leads to gameplay where im constantly upping my defences, figureing good ideas to put into play and just how to expand my teams base so we are safe every 7 days.
  13. also, with the ash maker minigun. when running forward and shooting, or when aiming at your feet (or near abouts) the weapon sets you on fire. il keep reporting these as they come up bud. (seams to be a latency issue. not sure what hackery you can do to sort it.) nuka cola quantums negative effect isspeltlikethisandreferstosteroids. for example. Edit: the ash maker minigun only sets you on fire, if your not aiming at another viable target it seams.
  14. Oh, another issue. i just got the full set of power armour magazines. the health bonus is working fine. however, as i was uh... Testing, the ability to ram into people and knock them flat on there ass, one of my freinds one tapped me in the skill. i mean i had it coming but still. XD however, now the ability is... no longer working. full suit of power armour and i cant just barge past people in a rude fashion. thinking the skill buff was lost on death.
  15. with the weapons as they stand, it feels like none are quite... outshining the others. a person with shotguns does just as well as a guy skilled into pistols or rifles. (what with the ability to use slugs and stuff) my horde night possy consists of a good mix of classes and skill choices. a sniper for picking of tougher foes like cops and demolishers before they get to the walls. shotguns covering our entryway. our stealth expert with a pistol plasting the hell out of any enemy that gets past the sniper. assault rifles doing a good mix of everything. and explosives? man the bodies fly when they get together in a clump against the walls. hell the only issue with horde nights is melee, but im thinking thats because i haven't made a base that specializes in beating the crap out of the enemy that are close to the base. need to try that at some point.
  16. interesting... for us, it only effected, a part of the POI where he spawned in at. and when we got close to his location, (or near abouts) it then gave us the debuff, and the lethal rads debuff that basicly insta gibbed us. wierdly enough havnt had that issue again, at least so far. it was in the nuka cola factory POI.
  17. ok, you did think of that fortunatly enough. i do appreciate that much. as for why it matters, from gameplay it does. by haveing the POI entierly doused in radation, it leads to a more interesting mechanic of needing to go into a quest location with proper gear. your heading out for it. by tying this mechanic to a enemy that may or may not spawn, it just seams a bit... wierd. inconsistent. you need to ware less protection to deal with a singular enemy, and then go back to a proper stealth build with your ghili suit and what have you. i duno, it just seams... lame. as for the ranges on the rad, calling bs on that. as soon as we hit the radation zone both buffs happend. it was murdering us for even getting slightly close. as much as people hate the demolisher, his only strength is bad aim. stray bullets hitting his demo pack. means you need to think smarter with traps and the like. but it doesnt outright murder players just for being near him.
  18. again, i do realize that's your intent. to be prepared when going exploreing. however, it sevearly limits how players can go through a POI. one of my team members was getting increasing @%$#ed that every time he enterd a POI there could be one of these massive AOE rad @%$#ers in it that pretty much insta kill him if hes so much as a toe in zone around him. no way to pick him off either, and in the nuka cola factory spawned in that hardened room you got after the submerged section. hey thinking about it... you put that spawn there on purpose or was that luck? because makes sense to what your saying. to radiate the whole POI so you need a radation suit or something to enter it. a neat idea... with terrible execution because of how limited your tools are. it honestly sucks you couldent find a different way to have the green mist surround a T5 POI or something. because tieing it to a enemy honestly sucks. i can forsee this being frustraiting, annoying and @%$#ty when they appear in the 7 day hordes. because not all of us have rad suits. or power armour, with that specific mod. half our team is gona be spawn camped whilst the only other two people who have rad ressistance try to nail the @%$#er. we can deal with challenging mechanics. but this one is poorly thought out mate. i would seriously advise cutting back the lethality of his rad zone. by all means make the radation zone big. hell, make it inflict radiation poisoning quicker. but dont have it insta gib the players. at least untill you can put that lethal radation into your POI's manualy. somehow. i duno how but... somehow. XD
  19. Bdub, found our first Majour Gripe with your mod. now, the radiated ghoul is a nasty foe, turns up and doses us in radation but, doesnt kill us straight away. @%$#s our vision and in general causes problems unless we take care of him. the Iradiated, radiated ghoul however, is just too strong. we cant even get moderately close to him without anyone who isnt wareing power armour with a rad remover, or a full hazard suit. if it was simply a larger AOE with a doubled effect of radiation poisioning chance? would be much better then a guy who pretty much is a AOE unavoidable constant nuke. i realise your intent is to make players use anti rad systems and such, but its too much of a railroad move. the guys way too potent.
  20. oh nice. i run it all from my main pc. only have single worlds running at a time, but i can have 3 up if i so desire. wish i had buds to play with. X3
  21. I know but, cant help but still bring up what i consider to be criticism. :3 but il let it die. oh @%$# same! honestly i jump from ark to 7 days. you doing a solo game or playing with buds? 😮 not to take the subject off topic or anything, just curious. XD il be eagerly watching and seeing how this mod turns out. it realy does help spice things up with the base game in such a way thats super pleaseing.
  22. the only counter to have to that is, if it sounds like a bad idea, perhaps its because when put forward in the way they have done, its a bad idea. 😛 if someone tells you they are gona put there hand into a open fire, pretty sure thats a bad idea. XD but putting your hand in a open fire, the hand coverd in water and only brifely in the flames? eh. would still laugh if you caught fire but il watch you do it. devil is in the details. and we dont know much other then what they said. and to sum up: we wana eliminate all the clothing options and make a much more limited, lackluster 4 peice system tied to bonuses. pretty sure most people think thats a bad plan. XD
  23. So been going hard at your mod bud! figured would give some feedback. first of all, the implimentation of your POI's and features aint half bad! finding a bandit infested school or household is quite a sight, sneaking inside before a few of them get drawn on us. they are tanky but, more so in the begining game, as they should be i suppose. so far we have discoverd a few POI's that are infested with super mutants and behemoths, these tend to work fine. walk in, make any sort of noise and the five or six supers are aggrod onto us immediatly. and unlike the bandits, they tend to be far more aggressive. i also like the style of these POI's, you seam to know what your doing with story telling via building, much like TFP do with the vanilla ones. (at least the ones i assume you created, that are not just vanilla POI's filled with said foes.) the nuka cola factory is a great retelling of the one in fallout 3, realy appreciate the detail on that one. have yet to find a vault! but one day we will get there. im assumeing its a T5 quest location? the weapons all feel nice and theres a good verity. its honestly nice to have some spice to the gameplay that isnt the tierd system. bloody hate that and cant stand the dam thing. so its always welcome to see new weapons and such to spice things up. on that vain, love how you have done power armour. what with each peice allowing one exclusive module attached to it, meaning there is some choice to have. i wana take the jump boost, but currently i need my encumbrance slots. gives me something to work towards. now for some negatives. firstly, the bandit AI. i realise this isnt much in your ball park, unfortunatly. and not much you can do. however, would tweeking them all to be melee only be viable? temporarily remove the ranged ones since they are completely fubar. also they should be either hyper sensative, or simply more aggressive. picking them off as they sleep in corners with a unmuffled 44 magnum seams kinda cheap. human/super mutant hideouts should be forced fights i feel. like the cave POI for the super mutants. me and my buds look forward to assaulting that place cos it actuly gets realy hairy despite how open it is. what with the birds swarming whilst the mutants try to close the gap. would be neat to go through the nuka factory, and each section you go into has them spawn in and immediatly home on you, breaking down doors and what not to try and find there way to your location. the laser shotguns wierd ammo economy. is there no other way to go about useing a spread fire weapon? it sucks up alot of ammo, and is why i assume your pleantifull with the stuff. however, the AE prototype rifle doesnt have that luxury. i @%$#ed away alot of early game energy rounds with that thing since it wasnt going single shot like i assumed it would. you have a few power armour designs in game but, i take it dyeing them is out of the question for now eh? not realy a negative, just a observation. my only other gripe is how modable certain weapons are, but i belive i expressed this issue in the past so i wont mention it again. honestly tho, this mixes up gameplay in all the right ways so far. made the game far more enjoyable. im looking forward to finding tier 6 rare items, something to truely make my way towards. i also love how your super mutants and ghouls mix in with the horde. having a radiation hazard next to the base thats poisoning us and giving us something else to focus on? 10/10. love it. i suppose the only question i have is, whats next for the mod? what you working on? or you pauseing for now till alpha 20 is out.
  24. the issue isn't the idea of set bonuses, its more the issue with accessorizing in general. and the options that are presented. lets look at what we currently have. lets say you start out the game, find some decent leather armour and some clothes. jeans and a tank top for example. so, if your a stealth player, surely that look will be lost because cloth armour is better for stealth right? but, no, mods can aleviate the negative bonuses on the leather/any light armour and help make your look still viable. i know in the end game since i tend to enjoy military looks more, i muffle military clothing so i can make it work if i do a stealth build. but nothing stops players from useing leather in a similar fashion, tierd system be damed. (dont get me started on the fukin tierd system, i could talk your ear off on why thats a bad idea for armour and firearms. less so a argument for melee and bows) this new system by putting it to a 4 peice system (if they realy are going with this idea.) means getting rid of a ton of the peices in place, and limiting the freedoms people can have with how they look. it doesnt matter if its a first person video game, how you can distinguish yourself from others does make a difference to many people. your welcome to say, only the midmaxers would care, but players are still going to take advantage of what they can. hell, look at the glitch bases that exist for example to see how many people wana exploit the game. HOWEVER. i will say this now. a way the tierd system COULD work, is simply putting bonuses on items that already exist. For example, jeans and tank top could be two peices of the farmer tier. cowboy boots as the cowboy hat as a fourth. not only is the cowboy hat a mod, allowing you to still get the positive from the armor you selected, but it could then provide a passive bonus on stuff you were going to equip anyway. a evolution of the current system in place. instead of a dubbing down and removal of what exists. side note roland, if the fun pimps put out a idea, such ideas should be questioned and thought about. after all isnt that the point of EA? to help the game develop?
  25. its been years, with releases between each patch far and few between. even now its been... half a year? more or less? with tiny patches in between fixing the odd bits and bobs or adding a few little things. (the thing i find more aggravating is outright removeing things. rather then refineing them) ive seen pleanty of EA games come and go over the years. with small teams, or big. and none of them have been as lathargic as the fun pimps. now, in terms of EA, there have been dickheads who cut and run when they got the cash, or failed attempts from devs who just bit off more then they could chew. but they dont hide behind the title of EA forever. even empyrion had the dignity to drop the EA over there name and continue working on there title for time to come. that game in perticular is heavily flawed, but still has a sizeable fanbase for example. all im trying to say is, watching 7 days to die litteraly shamble accross the wasteland of gaming these years has been tiering. with the devs letting the arms drop off in the hope something better mutates in its place. the random gen issue above, again, i dont know if it could be simple to fix. but considering how two community efforts (kinggen and nitrogen) have been able to reliably have a good spawn rate for POIS it... does raise eyebrows. either way, this is getting way off topic. XD sorry. i got my anser and ive gone with kinggen for the time being now that i figured how to use it. just wish the peeps round here were alot firmer on the fun pimps is all.
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