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Group vs Group Alpha 17


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Always wanted to play on a server with large group vs group in mind. I'm guessing it would have to be a PVP so you could still attack the enemy group. I think PVE nerfs everything so you can't attack anyone, so it won't work. Was curious if there are already servers that exist with this mindset. Maybe have two to three designated clan leaders who people send their friend request to when they join the server. Maybe have the clan leaders and a description of the clans listed on server web page. (Saviors, the Kingdom, ect, - ruled by Lord Humungous)


The only rules of the server, (besides no duping, ect,) is -


- you have to join one of the groups. You can't solo or you'll be banned.


- limits on team killing? Team killing is going to happen no matter what. People will get drunk and pull guns on each other. I wouldn't worry about banning anyone unless it gets out of hand, like a player is just trolling everyone to be an ass. It would be more fun to have the entire team execute them. I guess if they're ultimately banished, another group can decide if they want to take the problem player or not. Otherwise, banned.


Oh and there's nothing wrong with going turncoat. One of your allies could be a spy waiting to open the gates during the next horde.............


- team balancing. None of this is going to be any fun if its 38 vs 12 or whatever. I guess admins would probably be in charge of this.



Maybe emphasize to new players if they have valuables they're worried about their big, sweaty teammate named "tiny" stealing, they should probably find a place to hide it.

Your going to have to find a good stash spot to squirrel away your nuts.


That's the only problem I see with this playstyle. There's no way to guarantee that your teammates won't rob you. Think about it like prison. You might have to throw a few punches to keep your cornbread


If there is already an alpha 16 server running something like this - I'm all in. If not, we should plan something for Alpha 17.

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