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A16.4 Starvation Mod Server (Password Protected)

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Looking to get a group together before A17 drops to play some Starvation Mod. :smile-new:

Once A17 releases I will be updating and everyone is welcome to join for that as well :fat:


Server Details

Map: Random Gen (5km radius map)

Game Mode: PVPVE (Geared more towards PVE. Base protection will be increased for extra security)

Day/Night Length: 50 minutes

Zeds: Always walk (Romero Zombies)

Blood Moon Enemy Count: 8

Zeds: Non-Feral (Only on horde night)

Loot Abundance: 75%

Loot Respawn: 14 Days

LandClaim Size: 41

Max Players on Server: 10


I've had a 7 Days to Die server for years and a Rust server for years. My goal ALWAYS is for everyone to have fun playing the game. I'm providing a safe server from hackers and enjoy when people make good use of it. I play as well since this is my fav game. I play legit and I enjoy a good challenge. If you are interested in joining please contact me either via here or please click a link below.


MetroDetroitGaming Website

Steam Profile

Discord Channel

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