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Born To be Wild - A complete new 14-part quest for A16.4 [TESTING NEEDED]


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Born To be Wild is a complete new 14-part quest (including optionals) that replaces the Vanilla quest chain.


It took me 3 weekends to pull it off but before I release it, I want it tested by other players. Preferably those who know their way around the xml files, so if they encounter a bug, they have a chance to identify it. I tested everything on a Vanilla clone (in cheat mode) and found no gamebrakers but still.


Anyone interested, please post in this thread or send a PM, I'll send a download link (Mediafire) with the necessary files, optional files and some screenshots that show pup-ups which 'should' appear to make everything run smooth.


Any questions about testing can be posted here or asked via PM too.





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