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Need advice for MODS

Two Penguins

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I am in need of advice I and some friends started a private server that is rented from a company. We would like for any new players to spawn into the game at a specific location, is there any add-on that is "free" to use.


Also is there a POI editor that you can use to create buildings and be able to place zombies in and sleepers as well as loot container objects that spawn items like fridge and cabs and toilets.


Thanks in advance.


Also, it would have to have good info on how to operate them as I am new to all this as well as not tech inclined on this area



Thanks everyone!

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Stompy's Fixed Spawn Point mod will sort out players spawning at specific co-ords for you. However it requires using SDX and knowing how to do some minor C# edits.


I believe a server manager should also be able to do that.


As for the POI editor, what you are looking for is a prefab editor. I find the DLL mod is the easiest to use.




That thread has lots of documentation to use it. But you cannot use it to place sleepers. Use this instead for sleeper spawns.



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