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A new prefab


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If its possible in future, can a default Prefab be created for the master blocks of each material?


Reasoning, prefab>to entity>to targeting> to custom all world targeting.


It may have been unintentionally vague. I always try look at the progression of the game. In

entities.xml any Entity can be enteracted with, But from an answer to a question I sought, an entitiy,

potentially can be any object in the game. But the prerequisite that I found, is that the object in question needs to have a prefab associated with it.


Presently some blocks have prefabs and can be used. Requesting the master block of each material is because of the extends, parameter. Where a few represent the many.


In AI and other tasking, this may allow, for extended interaction, tasking and instruction sets assigned to

a block in devolution, from concrete,or steel all the way back to the originating frame.

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