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"fake" ground in LAN


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I host a 2 player LAN game with my wife, where the game runs on my machine via 'continue game' and she connects via internal IP to join. It works pretty well for the most part except I get "fake" ground appearing on the host machine (but hers looks fine).


The fake ground is typically grass, and seems to happen more in chunks that have been altered quite a bit. It has happened on our last several play-throughs.


One time we were using a motel as a base, and it had a swimming pool. Most of the time on my screen the pool would look like it was covered in grass but if I tried to walk on it, I fell through.


Another time, there was a road with a cliff rising up next to it but some of the cliff wasn't really there it just looked like it on my screen.


Our current base is a house out in the country built in front of a cliff. Zombies dug out a lot of tunnels into that cliff, some of which get that glitch running through them, so it looks like a solid wall on my screen but you can run right through it.


We have a large bed of spikes on flat ground dug into the side of a hill with our basement window looking out over the spikes, but occasionally that just looks like grass to me from certain angles (quite the death trap when it looks like harmless grass to me and I fall through).



I'm just trying to figure out if anyone else experiences this in LAN games, if it's a game glitch/bug or if there is anything I can do on my end to fix it or optimize our connection (or whatever is causing this).


Host Machine:

Win 10 64-bit

OS & AppData: 128GB Samsung SSD 850 PRO

Game: 1TB Samsung SSD 960 EVO

Intel Core i7-6700K @ 4GHz (+7%)

16GB G.Skill Tridentz DDR4 3200 14-14-14-34



Network: Linksys EA7300 via wired Gigabit LAN

(my machine is wired directly to the router, her machine is wired via a powerline adapter in the same room)

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It's a known bug. The distant terrain system isn't being destroyed properly when you return back to base.


I don't know if it's fixed yet but a simple workaround is to quit to the main menu and reload the game. This forces the terrain engine to start from scratch which automatically destroys the unwanted mesh.

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