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Zombies harder to kill, easier to incapacitate


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Well, there's a world of difference between harming a zombie's brain enough to make it unable to walk straight or be able to evaluate structural integrity correctly, and harming it's brain enough to permanently render it a twitchy mass of meat. There's also a world of difference between damaging their brain enough to reduce them to a harmless twitchy mass and making their head explode like a watermelon. I thought the game would be better if the progressive destruction of the zombie brains had a meaningful impact on the gameplay. Right now its a binary: "I'm totally fine," then "oh, now I'm so dead, I'm un-un-dead". I get that it's easy to implement, and that pretty much single combat-focused game has been doing this since the 1970s, but I think one of the defining characteristics of zombies is they exist somewhere in between totally alive and totally dead.


I think that the occasional extra-dumb zombie cold be fun. Sometimes in A16, I see a zombie doing something stupid, like going around in circles or getting caught in a fence, and I wish it was an intentional feature rather than a pathing error. Giving zombies varying levels of intelligence would also add more variety, because they would not always follow the programmer-defined "best path".

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