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[2 simple SDX mods] A new SDX modder has arrived


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Hello there!


Just wanted to introduce myself (a new sdx modder here). Am not the most active person when it comes to forums and such... I just realized, at some point in A12ish, since I discovered the xml files, that I just enjoy modding this game and have read quite a few nice tutorial You guys have put out on how to get started modding this game - quite the collection that can be found here... :)


And sorry for my, not so good English at times since it's the 3rd/last language (and in that order) that I speak...


Anyway, I wasn't able to find a unity3d file of a double barrelled blunderbuss, so I made one, without animation though. Vanilla model, but two of them combined by some scrap iron between them. No animation though (haven't figured that part out yet)


The 2nd model is a bullet press which I made from scratch, as crude as you'd image some dude making them in the apocalypse using the cylinder of an old carjack(or whatever they're called), took some 3 hours or so to do in Unity... just for the fun of it... You may use it in mods to this game as long as you mention the maker(me).


The link is as following (30 days from now on) : https://ufile.io/qcgbl


To use these you will need to have SDX set up for A16.4, which I assume you already know, and to set up a workstation through sdx/by modifying the xml files. The things you don't are the following lines:


<property name="Meshfile" value="#dualblunderbuss?dualblunderbuss" /> <-- for the doublebarrelled blunderbuss


<property name="Model" value="#reloadingtable?reloadingtable" /> <-- for the reloading table/bench whatever


I hope this post wasn't too confusing, and see you people on the forums.




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