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How to add mods


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Mods at their most basic replace files already in game. Other than that basic idea it depends on the type of mod you want to add.


A DLL mod simply replaces an existing DLL.


A resource mod requires either replacing an entire file, or injecting a file into a particular resource.


Any of the mods may be server based or client based, and once again it will come down to what kind of mod you're trying to install.


Give an example of the mods you want, and I'll run down more details on how to install them.

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That is possible. That's the way recipes.xml works. I'm not a server side expert, but basically you just replace the recipes.xml in your server with the edited one. If I create a game on my PC with an edited recipes file, it would load to anyone joining my game. Same is true for a server. I'm not sure of the exact file architecture of your server, so I can't give you a total layout. It should be something like "7 Days To Die\Data\Config\recipes.xml".


It's a common edit people make. If that doesn't get you there, I'm sure someone with more server knowledge will comment.

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