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Custom tools and guns


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Hi guys, I'm starting to mod a little bit for fun, after learning about the xml files modification and worked on that now I'm stepping into more complex areas.


so at the moment I'm working into the looks of the tools and guns, like in a undead legacy mod style I am making different looks for each tool, example: iron fireaxe, steel fireaxe, titanium fireaxe.




those are working perfect, now the deal is im trying to do the same with the pickaxe but im unable to find the texture after i exported all textures from the game with UBAE. i do have the model for the pickaxe but not textured. *(for the fireaxes I exported the mesh and texture separated and changed the texture a bit on PSD for the coloring then reunited as new object with unity)


anyone has any clue about this? where in the freaking zombie hell is that texture?



thanks in advance.




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