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Game won't load saved MOD games correctly


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I mostly just support the Vanilla version of the game because there are way too many variables that come into play when you start modding things. (Literally, just the other day I spent two hours tracking down one extra space in an xml file for a mod I was writing.)


I'm willing to give it a shot though, but will need the following information.


1. If you can replicate this repeatedly, that's perfect. If it's hit or miss, it will be harder to track down the cause.


2. If you can replicate it, a log from a good run, and then the log from when it gets messed up would be very helpful. You may have these logs already, but I understand it can be a bit confusing with the date format on the files.


3. If you are using a specific mod, like Valmar's or something similar, let me know what mod you have so I can try to replicate it myself. If not, then the files you have edited would be helpful. Pastebin is a good transport for xml files, or you can just use DropBox or something similar.

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