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Splitscreen Online Multiplayer Console


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To start off, I just want to say, I love the game 7 Days to Die, I have put countless hours into the game and never seem to get bored. Overall it’s one of my favorite games. Although it is a great game, an issue I see that holds back the game’s potential is the absence of splitscreen multiplayer. There was a thread addressing this idea in 2016, but nothing has changed since. I was just wondering if there were plans to add this feature sometime in the future. To clarify, I would really like to play this game with friends at my house on splitscreen at the same time I play online with others. I don’t have a second Xbox in my budget by any means, and I would really enjoy this game more so if online splitscreen was added. I know the console development team is busy with the Alpha 15-16 console update right now... so any information on whether this is planned in the next update, or further down the line would be much appreciated. Thanks so much!



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