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Quests and their rewards


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Quests will come with a variety of rewards and I would tend to agree that probably the rewards won't often be enough to coax someone who wasn't interested in doing quests in the first place into doing them. They're icing on the cake for those who like questing for its own sake or as you say, for someone who decided to go out and scavenge and felt they might as well get a bit of a bonus to it.


For someone with a min/maxing playstyle they definitely won't scratch any efficiency itches...



I want a variety of different quests and rewards. So that everyone can feel like the quest is worth doing.



Here are some possible rewards, based on gamestage/days played/playerlevel/difficulty:


always a good reward... there is always (even in the lategame) that one solarpanal that you still want.


very basic. Items that are rare/hard to find/lategame/always useful are always a great reward. Especially if the trader doesnt have them in stock.


depending on what weapon and modification the player is looking for, this is a great way to reward players for their troubles


while generally something people handled on day 4-5, depending on how well the new buff system is, having more food is never a bad thing

-lowering gamestage/heatlevel

killing zombies is always fun... beeing rewarded for it is even better... hunting down specific zombies should "weaken" their force and give you the edge on hordenight... or at least reduce the heatmap/lower your heatproduction!




Here are some possible quests, based on gamestage/days played/playerlevel/difficulty:


-go into poi 'xy' and break open save 'xxx' on the top floor and bring me the shotgun (reward: token)

-go into chemtower at coordinates 'xyz' and bring me 5 'specialantibiotics' that are in 5 different containers (reward: recepy for antibiotics/token

-go to camp 'yy' at coordinates 'zyx' and kill every zombie there (reward: lower gamestage)

-we need to repair the traderstation! bring me x00 of material 'zzz' (reward: better prices for 1-2 weeks)

-i have a lucrative buyer for 'xzy' if you get those you get half of the profit (reward: 5x normal sellprice/level up bartering)

-These zombies get more and more agressive! kill 3 irradiated/feral/cops to stop the spread a bit! (reward: lowered gamestage/nothing you do generates heat for a week)



These are just some of my ideas... I have a lot more... but what ideas for quests and rewards do you have? I just want them to implement as many and have a the biggest variety possible.

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