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7 Days to Die Profile Editor (forked)


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It seems Karlovsky120 isn't updating his profile editor any longer, so I forked it, merged one pull request that had been submitted, then went about getting it to working loading Ravenhearst 3.1.5, which meant for the most part ignoring non-fatal errors. And with the original profile editor update site no longer working, I'm now pointing the version to my github fork, which should always be available for as long as my fork itself is available.


So, get your fix here, do submit any issues and/or pull requests to me, and refer to [thread=39919]the original thread[/thread] for more information about it.


But if you want a tl;dr, the profile editor allows you to change stats on your 7 Days to Die character such as level, experience, skills, known recipes, inventory, etc.

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