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  1. Ah, but can they path to these spaces? I mean, I could provide some really nice covers close to the entrances of my base with just the slight inconvenient that it will take a long time for someone to go from the entrance to them, all on plain sight.
  2. If it's slow people won't use it. It won't be fast. So what's the point?
  3. Melee bandits are easy because zombies are melee. Ranged bandits are harder because they are not supposed to just come in your direction and shoot every now and then, like cops do.
  4. What I do wish was coming to alpha 20, but there's no sign that's the case, is the slot locking for the inventory stash buttons. And vehicles, now that I think about it.
  5. Well, you couldn't do that either in alpha 18 or previous alphas either. Rebar was heavier and had more structural integrity than concrete and to get around that you had to go through hoops much more complex than what seems to be coming on alpha 20. And you forgot a third alternative. Put temporary extra support.
  6. The problem is not getting concrete. If you luck out you can get concrete on day 1. The problem is quantity, which requires cement mix, stone and sand. The first is easily looted, but stone and sand are only gained very slowly until you have good tools and mining skills. To make a whole base out of concrete requires a LOT of stone and sand. Now if we are talking about only 1000 or 2000 concrete on key places then you can quickly upgrade everything with a claw hammer. If we are talking about a 30x30 base with three floors 5m each then we are talking about 33,600 concrete for outer walls and 67,280 concrete for the floors. That's over 100k concrete requiring 100k stone and 100k sand for a small base, and that takes a long time. For the amount of concrete that is practical early game, a claw hammer is fast enough. If you have the resources to make a 100k concrete base and you do not have a nailgun, something is wrong. He said two weeks from yesterday.
  7. That one I can answer. There's two simple solutions: Put extra supports and take them out once no longer needed. Upgrade the key supporting blocks right away. Speaking of which, remember when rebar had the SI stats of iron so your whole building could collapse if you started upgrading it from the wrong direction? Ah, happy times. Not. Rebar in a19 is particularly good in this regard but I think that's the first time ever rebar had convenient SI stats.
  8. Length of day changes nothing. Your chance of getting a nailgun depends on your gamestage, and the gamestage also controls what sort of zombies you get. Cement mix is the easiest part. You then have to turn it into concrete mix which requires stone and sand in large quantities, and mining stone early game is very time consuming.
  9. Why do you want an all concrete base before you even have a nailgun? Presumably you have the concrete which is not that easy to acquire in large quantities early game, but why concrete? Early game zombies can be handled by cobblestone, and cobblestone has the same SI as concrete. I don't buy this argument at all. Sure, and you can still do that. And, on top of it, if you think you are not getting enough XP out of it, increase the multiplier.
  10. I think of it another way: what does reinforced wood, metal reinforced wood, flagstone, wet concrete and concrete add to the game? Nothing. People don't use them except inasmuch as they have to go through that stage to get to the next.
  11. Lots of XP. And no waiting for wet concrete to dry if I want to go to steel. I've done some pretty big buildings and I've only ever used rebar for two reasons: No waiting to upgrade to reinforced concrete, which is no longer an issue. Better structural integrity than wood. I love the rebars for their unique structural integrity. I will miss them and making a mod to re-introduce rebars is something I might well do, but I like all sort of things that no one else does. So I still think this is a non-issue. Whatever time is lost by upgrading from wood is gained from no wet concrete.
  12. Here's something I found particularly informative in the stream: alpha 20 frames work mostly like alpha 19 frames but they are no longer see-through. If you want a solid cube, you place a solid cube. You can still pick it up, you can still upgrade it, the only difference is that you can't see through it. I saw old-style cube and ramp frames among the shapes, so I'm assuming when you upgrade them they retain their shape so you could, say, make an "invisible" steel wall of cube frames allowing you to see and shoot through them. Here's the clip where I deduced most of this from: https://youtube.com/clip/Ugzfc6T7ATIcLFIJbzZ4AaABCQ (original twitch clip is gone: https://clips.twitch.tv/SnappyLongJalapenoMoreCowbell-ZIPgTUocppDhiBhd )
  13. It's funny that the two most common complaints related to the new upgrade path are these: It leads to less variation; You can't go rebar -> concrete directly anymore. Uh. Alright. I think the second one is more valid. I don't see people sticking to cobblestone out of anything but lack of resources. The XP alone (another complaint! 😃) makes people upgrade things. Flagstone and concrete offer no advantage whatsoever over their upgrades and I've never even seen people build with reinforced wood and metal reinforced wood. I'll mourn the loss of scrap iron, though: excellent material for structural support early game (and so was metal reinforced wood!), but I've never seen anyone else use it. It shouldn't be hard to mod back the current upgrade path or even one of the older more complex ones, but I doubt anyone would bother using them. I expect overhaul mods will keep longer upgrade paths -- I particularly love what GNAMod does, with hit points and craft cost depending on shape. I think this is a non-issue that will be lauded by almost everyone by the time 20.0 stable is out. Question regarding shapes: what about the other variant helpers such as glass and metal fences?
  14. Tonight's dev stream featuring level designers (including ex-modders Laz Man and Hernan) was pretty cool but low on actual news. Here's what I gathered, though there was a lot of tidbits here and there. 1201 shapes at the moment SHIFT R opens the shape menu "Frames" are now solid; you still pick them up but they are no longer see-through frames that get upgraded into solid blocks The POI editor has 20 quick slots There's a spiral staircase (and players can craft it) Bigg Buns is not a bakery There's no more wet concrete Loot was revamped (no details) Hitboxes have been fixed for the most part (so if you see it you should be able to shoot it) And here's one thing that will interest most people, I believe: a fly over all the (current) shapes: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1149993808?t=01h07m08s
  15. Only works if picking up that block doesn't break structural integrity. If you need to take out all of the blocks being supported by one particular block to replace that one block, it won't work. Now, I'm used to upgrading everything from wood frames so this won't affect me, but I can definitely see issues building out of frames then replacing the frames with blocks of the desired material.
  16. More like wood vs cobblestone vs concrete vs steel, with the nailgun no longer being a weapon. Sure, we'll lose the Nail Some Chicks quest but we can survive that. Madmole mentioned that idea on a dev stream long ago.
  17. There's KingGen which is active (link below). You don't need to start a game to generate a world, just click on Editing Tools -> Random Gen Previewer from the main menu. You can generate worlds on the dedi without changing serverconfig.xml too. For example, I have a set of tools to create and analyse seeds, and this is how it creates a seed using dedi: 7DaysToDieServer.exe -quit -batchmode -nographics -logfile "$(wslpath -w "${LOG}")" -configfile=serverconfig.xml -UserDataFolder=UserData -GameWorld=RWG -WorldGenSize="${SIZE}" -WorldGenSeed="${SEED}" -GameName=test -verbose -dedicated (my tools are publicly available at https://github.com/dcsobral/seedGen ) KingGen forum post:
  18. @Kinyajuu Taking advantage of you reading the dev diary again, let me re-ask these questions: 😃 Random Gen questions: 1. Are there plans for wilderness tiles? Say, something like "house goes here, well or water tower goes here, one small crop here and one medium crop here", to be spawned in the wilderness? 2. And if there are no plans for that, would it work if someone created a rwg_tile_wilderness as a mod? 3. Will modlets work with rng, loading tiles and prefabs from modlets that have them before world creation starts? 4. Can one create a "wildcard" tile that may be used on any zoning? 5. Are there "no roads" tiles? For example, if I wanted to create a no-cars downtown tile. 6. Can we get a "save preview" option on the previewer to create a png or jpeg of the whole map? (I'll admit: that's not really a question 😂)
  19. As someone who has been highly interested in the RWG for many alphas, this question confuses me. You can generate a world on the dedi. You can also generate a world on SP and copy it to the server and have it load it up. What is missing for you?
  20. Are there conditions such as max per city, max per world and minimum distance between for tiles?
  21. That's easy when you are using cubes, ramps, poles and pillars. I don't think it's going to be easy to replace wood frames with corresponding ready-blocks when you are using 100 shapes with multiple rotations.
  22. Less spikes due to quadrillion zombies spawning at the same time.
  23. Check whether the icon is an open or closed book.
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