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  1. I seem to recall there was a way to show chunk boundaries. Does anyone know how?
  2. Stew is in both its origin and its essence a way of making the most out of a limited amount of protein.
  3. Robotic turrets (and sledges) count as a gun yielded by the person who placed them. The person get the kills, the XP, their perks and attributes count, etc. Auto Turrets are completely independent of the person who placed them, unless that person has Advanced Engineering 3+. Even then, I don't think the person get the kills nor does any of their perks and attributes count.
  4. That post is from December 15th. B238 is from December 21st, that map can no longer be generated. Every time the build changes, the map generated by a seed changes. The seeds posted by Joe and I are all created for B238, which Alpha 20 Stable's build. That seed wasn't. Increasing the slider for any terrain type will increase the percentage of the map that is occupied by that terrain type. If you want to know exactly how much, the percentage is X*100/(P+H+M+R), where X is the number of the slider and P, H, M and R as the numbers for plains, Hills, Mountains and Random, respectively. By the way, because terrain is generated before all other features of the map expect biomes, changing any slider will change the whole map. The "random" slider will produce plains, mountains and hills in a random proportion. So if you have Plains 10, Hills 0, Mountains 0 and Random 10 you could have a map that is 100% plains, or 50% plains, 25% hills, 25% mountains, or any other weird result but at least 50% would be plains.
  5. Why not? You realize the blocks below also provide support for the blocks above, right?
  6. FWIW, I haven't experienced any such issue while playing SP. There's evidently a lot of people with this issue, though. I've also seen people report vehicles _drifting_ by themselves and vehicles being dragged away by moving zombies or animals. The one issue I do have with vehicles is when they allegedly dip into the terrain and have to be pushed back, which stops them and makes them lose momentum. The one issue I do have (with non-player entities like vehicles) often is turrets falling through blocks. The only thing I haven't seen them fall through is terrain. I've a friend whose drone keeps getting duplicated. He suspects it might be due to a mod that increases the motorcycle speed. And I saw someone else report that every time they pick up & deploy the drone it loses durability. That one is extra weird. And, of course, we must not forget the chicken and rabbit sliders. Overall, it hasn't been a good alpha for entities.
  7. Question for @Kinyajuu . Looking at the mixer I saw some tags whose use wasn't clear to me: diagonal, nodiagonal and culdesac. I found where they are configured in the prefab editor, but there are two things unclear to me. First, what is the intended use of diagonal and nodiagonal? I looked at rwg_tile_countrytown_intersection and the tags were the opposite of what I expected. Second, what characteristics should a POI have to qualify for these tags? Like, what makes a POI fit for culdesac, diagonal or nodiagonal? By the way, phenomenal work. The bar for randomly generated worlds on games is now so high that I don't see any game surpassing it for a long time.
  8. Are you using a server or joining the game someone started? To create the map you have to go to Editing Tools on the main menu, then Random Gen Previewer, then fill things like below: Click "Generate World" and then wait. It took a bit over 3 minutes on my computer. If you are joining the game someone started then you have to select "Royoxifo Territory" as your world when you start a new game: If you are playing on a server, things are more complicated. You'd have to create the world like above then copy it to the server -- I can help with that too but I'd need to know more details, like are you running the server from steam or using a commercial one, and if a commercial one what is the provider?
  9. I haven't paid close enough attention to this thread. This is actually very easy to do. I see that Joe posted a contour map I generate as well, but this is WAY easier than the contour map. All we need to know if the elevation is above a certain threshold, then change the biomes map accordingly. For example, looking at the seed I'm using I can see that the most common elevations are between 34m and 39m, but it goes all the way up to 226m. The water level is fixed at 29m in alpha 20. So where exactly is the "mountain peaks"? Here's what the elevation looks like in this map (this is upside-down because that's what Unity uses): Ideally, the mountains would be the white "dots" we see, but to find out what that is takes a bit of trial and error. I tried a few numbers and 100m looked good enough to me: That was produced with the following command: magick convert -size 8192x8192 -depth 16 gray:dtm.raw -flip -threshold 25600 -transparent black m.png (the image I pasted was further transformed to reduce its size and remove the transparency) Everything up to "-flip" is just how the elevation image, dtm.raw, must be handled. They don't have metadata so one must specify size and depth, and they are upside-down. Then -threshold splits the image in all colors below 25600 (100 times 256, since 1m = 256): everything above is white, everything below is black. Then I turn black into transparent so I can overlay that on top of the biome image later on. As it happens, snow is white in the biomes image which is rather convenient. This is what my biomes look like: And then I overlay the "mountains" on top of it with this command: magick convert biomes.png m.png -composite biomes-m.png And I get the biomes below, which I could then use instead of my current biomes: And here are some screenshots afterwards:
  10. The default for dynamic mesh changed right before stable. Maybe it's at the new default (LCB) and your horde base doesn't have an LCB? Or maybe you disabled it at some point?
  11. Also, what seed size are you looking for? Be aware that you won't get those percentages of biome area, but getting that percentage in urban area in these biomes is definitely doable.
  12. Except frames don't have enough SI to support the structures that higher level blocks can support.
  13. But how does that help people who try to avoid fighting zombies?
  14. Didn't it use to be like that? Or maybe it was a mod I played, but I definitely played with "no skill, no repair" for weapons before, and it just sucks. It's an annoyance for no purpose, particularly since you don't learn weapons through the perk except for the tier 1. And it just makes that schematic useful once, so it's no fix for duped schematics. The system @madmole hinted at seems like a much better solution for that.
  15. Nope. Do you have enough disk space?
  16. I posted a bunch of seeds that were all flat, no cracks/crates/water. Some of them had massive cities in the snow and wasteland. What is it about them that you didn't like?
  17. The way to deal with screamers is not to avoid screamers, is dealing with screamers. It is super easy to make an entrance to your mine that will kill the screamers.
  18. Whatever the case may be, the lockable storage mod is working just fine. I don't doubt the error might be caused by a mod, but it's not the lockable storage mod.
  19. Miner 69r and Bunker Buster increase the harvesting of... plastic??? That's weird.
  20. Is it intentional that there's no more coal ore in the desert?
  21. I'm getting WAY more motor tool parts than steel tool parts. Annoying.
  22. Well, it isn't that hard. You just have to use the stun baton.
  23. I find going back to the backpack very annoying. It's always something like a dire wolf killed me early game, and it's camping my bag, or a boss room killed me late game and all those zombies are still there. As it happens, I hate the XP penalty as well so I chose to keep the XP penalty and disable the "going back to backpack" penalty.
  24. And here are my size 8192 seeds (plus a few from Joe I generated because I liked the look of them). Settings: Size: 8192 Towns: Many Wilderness POI's, Rivers, Craters, Cracks, Lakes: Default Plains: 8 Hills: 3 Mountains: 1 Random: 0 Seed previews: https://imgur.com/49xzkSj https://imgur.com/xOJz3JW Legend: https://imgur.com/TA6Cmar
  25. Here are some size 6144 seeds. They use some rather extreme settings but, to me, using a smaller map is about urban areas being close to each other and the default settings just didn't give me that. I could probably "tone it down" a bit to get some color on these maps, but searching for seeds is boring and I decided not to bother. So, these are the settings: Size: 6144 Towns: Many Wilderness POI's: Default Rivers: None Craters: None Cracks: None Lakes: None Plains: 10 Hills: 0 Mountains: 0 Random: 0 And here's a preview of what they look like (and their names!): Legend: The red dots are spawn locations. The brown dots that look almost like the red dots are wilderness prefabs. Green is residential, blue is commercial, yellow is industrial (yes, like in Simcity). Light green is residential, dark green is country residential, olive green is rural (city borders -- usually farms but sometimes other stuff like the drive in or the high school). Gray is downtown, pink is trader and you'll usually see traders next to white and black squares (generation artifact, mostly). The weird circle with a green dot at the center is a suggested base location, rated on the proximity of tiers 3, 4 and 5 buildings, industrial buildings, downtown buildings, traders and my own pick of the top 15 POIs in the game. It's 1km in radius. Biome colors are the same as in the in-game's map.
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