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  1. That cannot be true since the objectively best zombie book series ever, Blade Tide Rising by John Ringo of course, is a plague zombies series.
  2. Kinyajuu mentioned dead ends, and the screenshot he posted includes a "cap".
  3. I had thought of this as well. It can even be implemented as a mod! Sort of. Urban Combat has an example of doing something while indoors. Night Stalker has an example of being stealthier at night. The implementation of the latter changes light and noise multipliers. So it really isn't hard to make it so you make less noise while indoors. Depending on the material that's accurate, as sound gets absorbed instead of reflected. For other materials it's the opposite. We can't do anything about that, and we can't make it so the player is more silent just to zombies outside. But everything I described above can be done as a mod right now in alpha 19. To make it work sound would have to be split into two "channels". One indoor channel and one outdoor channel. Which channel is used for output depends on where the source is. Both channels contribute to detection but a divider is applied to the channel depending the "IsIndoor" status of whoever is doing the detection. For example, a zombie which is outdoors would divide the noise on the indoor channel and use the full noise of the outdoor channel, and vice versa. I suspect "InDoor" is only computed for players, and that would add CPU usage. And everything in this paragraph would need to be up to TFP. And, of course, this would not be perfect by any means of imagination. For example, if you are indoors then any noise you make would be louder on the neighboring building than it would be between the two buildings. I'd still love something like this, though.
  4. Well, yes, and he answered it. See answer 11 at
  5. 1. How do intercity roads connect to tiles? I see no special tiles for it. 2. Are all streets connected? Like, a straight tile will always have tiles with connecting streets on each end (or intercity road), and so forth for every tile? Give the new shape system I wouldn't put too much effort on creating anything on alpha 19. This might be a good time for some Shape System dev to tell us how the conversion from alpha 19 goes...
  6. He answered that already, replying to someone who made a bunch of different questions.
  7. I always wished you could select different alarms on the speaker. Please, let the sound designer add half a dozen options you can select from for each speaker! I have done it a lot. It's useful when walking around at night before you have armor/guns/vehicle, and it is very useful at higher difficulties. Now, some people just stay cooped up inside their bases at night, or a POI early game, whereas other people think that's a waste of time. To each its own, but beware of how your own style affects what resources and tactics you use or not. Maybe that feral sense can do something about making nights dangerous again. Wait, what??? Nevermind the sleepers, tell me more about these door-opening switches on POIs!
  8. He works on Quality Assurance. He keeps telling Joel it's gonna be great! 😂
  9. I should have introduced you to the random gen code years ago...
  10. If POI pool generation was fully random, there would be repetition. For the same reason that throwing a dice six times will most likely result in repetitions instead of six different numbers (6-sided dice, to be clear). The fact that he said it is not fully random means it will be possible to reduce repetition. Roland did not confirm that there were repeating POIs. On the contrary, he said he did not see repeated POIs. Here: " I did not see repeating POIs as I have in past alphas." If he had said there were repetitions, it is still as far as we know a work in progress. There's absolutely no reason to think the first thing that would be done would be ensure no POI repetitions. Or, anyway, reduce them since the number of POIs in a map far exceeds the number of existing POIs. So as far as I can see both arguments you present contradict your case, and you didn't account for work in progress anyway. As far as alpha 19 goes, anyway, repetition results from some unfortunate intersection of design choices. Alpha 19 tries to place all POIs before going through any repetition by keeping a list of POIs that have not been placed yet. It also creates cities with zoning and, on top of that, the block size on alpha 19 doesn't match very well with POI sizes. So what happens is that if it tries to place a POI and there's no POI remaining that will fit the space available and zoning it will reset the list of unseen POIs. Whenever that happens, some difficult-to-place POIs like the skyscrapers -- which barely fit a19's city blocks --, lose their priority. In fact, the skyscrapers are most likely one of the main "resetters" as all other Downtown POIs get placed and then the rwg is left with these huge prefabs to fit inside a block that usually already has some other POIs (have you noticed how they are almost always by themselves in a block?). Another likely culprit are the factories: they are HUGE and won't even fit a block. They happen more often than skyscrapers because the Industrial zone includes some stretch of a city border, where they can be placed. Alpha 19 is a good example of an RWG that is not fully random and has a POI pool generation, and it has these qualities precisely to reduce repetition. It fails to do so not because it isn't trying, but because POIs and RWG were not tuned together to make it likely.
  11. Pray tell me where did you get that insider information because I certainly saw no claims to that effect! I'm impressed by your ability to review a system that, as far as I know, is still under development. That being the case... what do you think of the bandits? Have they been done to your satisfaction?
  12. adjective 2. having a quality or style that offers an extremely basic level of comfort, convenience, or efficiency. So it fits.
  13. Gun parts where a placeholder for weapon mods, so they were not exactly removed as much as replaced with what they were meant to be all along.(*) The important of tiers depends a lot of what kind of game one plays. On multiplayer servers where you play well into the hundreds of days it is particularly important to have a lot of tiers. Otherwise? Not so much. Take jawoodle's youtube playthroughs, for example. He plays up to day 71, or until he dies, whichever comes first. He has top tier equipment between day 40 and 50. He has top quality top tier equipment between 50 and 60, as well as almost every book. The time between day 60 and 70 is usually spent exploring the map and looting places for the missing books, but he has no reason otherwise to keep playing. And that's very sad, to me as a viewer, because horde nights don't get intense until you are into three digits days. On the other hand, 70 episodes is over two months already, and 120 would be four months. To keep a viewer engaged over that long a period would take some serious late game content -- something like what the Darkness Falls mod offers, for example. I'd say the current balance is pretty good for single player, no streaming, but lacking otherwise. (*) Side note: I really miss combining stuff to get better quality. Nowadays you once you get a purple auto shotgun (or whatever) you start wondering why you even bother looting. Clearing POIs, yeah, but every safe, chest, crate is a disappointment because there's no point in loot anymore.
  14. There's no single rule: every piece of equipment has its own configuration. That said, I cannot think of any case where an attribute change by anything but +10% per quality level, so a quality 6 has +50% over the base attribute of a quality 1. Mind you, everything above primitive tools has random stats which go from -15% to +15%, so a +15% quality one could have the same stats as a -15% quality 4. But tier 0, 1, 2, and 3? That's balanced by hand without any clear rules as far as I can tell. In fact, it's a pet peeve of mine that the iron spear adds almost nothing to the stone spear, whereas, on the opposite end of the spectrum, each tier of the sledgehammer has a huge jump in stats. And to confuse things even more, not all attributes change, and the stone axe has no equivalent at any other tier. Assuming you know how to build forges to handle iron. And, on top of that, forges to handle steel. Another issue with iron is obtaining it, but I don't think we have to worry about that on a post-apocalyptic society, unless radiation is an issue (in which case, yeah, iron sucks). But, hey, most post-apocalyptic games assume there's scarcity in a world where less than 1% of the population has survived, which would just not be the case.
  15. The stone axe is usually better than the iron fireaxe long enough you'll find a steel fireaxe first. The issue is twofold: DPS and quality. The stone axe DPS already makes it really hard for the iron fireaxe to compete, and, on top of that, you'll find a purple stone axe way before you find a blue or purple iron fireaxe. The steel fireaxe is enough of a jump that even a low quality one can be a win, if you can handle the stamina cost.
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