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  1. You said that efficiency was being measured in terms of survivability per skill points. The effectiveness of the perks then should be measured by how suitable they are to that strategy.
  2. I'm speaking from 8000 hours experience, and you? Nah, nevermind that. Sure you can die of hunger, and sure you don't need to loot POIs. Why would you? Particularly the ones with zombies? There's POIs without zombies and you don't need anything inside a POI to make a base, and it is really trivial to make a base that will survive horde nights of any size, even without resorting to exploits. But every time you fight a zombie (or vulture, dog, etc) you risk dying. Disease, thirst, hunger, damage. If you take care of food and water and don't take damage, you don't die. By going into POIs that have zombies you risk death unnecessarily, therefore it is not efficient. It's much more fun, but not efficient. I'm sure you are very good at playing in some ways, but you really don't know your way around 7 Days to Die. Feathers are trivial. Find a chicken, which are plentiful. Let a vulture find you, which is easy. You'll have enough feathers for any need. Oh, and the birds nest gave you too few feathers? Break it and you'll get feathers, and that's not affected by loot percentage. And why are you using stone arrows anyway? How long does it take you to make a forge? Once you have a forge, you have iron arrows. Stone arrows are just for day 1.
  3. Right, so we agree that the goal is food production while leveling up as slow as possible and avoid looting zombie-infested places. Ok, now I have a frame of reference.
  4. I love parkour, but just for the fun. It doesn't really help with anything, except, well, combat.
  5. Power for what? Efficiency is the ratio of production to consumption. The consumption here is points, of course, but what is being produced? Sometimes you say things that leads me to believe you want to get experience as fast as possible, though the goal is to gain experience as slow as possible, so I'm not sure what you are talking about.
  6. Funny, I like Agility but I find it the worse tree in the game by far. That's because I don't invest in fighting skills until mid or late game. So look at Agility, remove everything that's about zombies and combat, and see what's left. Parkour. Perception improves looting and harvesting, Strength improves stamina, cooking and mining, Fortitude improves farming and long distance traveling, Intellect improves trading and crafting. Agility improves jumping. 😶 I usually don't have those available in the first seven days. Besides, they attract attention.
  7. I don't feel the bow is underpowered. It is very effective when you are hiding, and crappy when you are not. It is also silent. I can kill feral zombies at night on day 2 or 3 on Survivor difficulty (which I did this week) not because I do a lot of damage in a very short time, but because I shoot, move, then shoot again once the zombie is standing still near my previous location. The fact that the wooden bow takes parts to craft, on the other hand, is what really screwed up the bow. The primitive bow is too weak and you just can't craft a wooden bow because the parts are too hard to find. Bows progression seams to be Tier 0, Tier 2, Tier 3, with the missing tier 1 because you can't find or craft a wooden bow, then you find a wooden bow but the blue/purple primitive bow is way better even before mods. Will the bow kill the dog running in my direction? No. That's what pistols are for.
  8. Well, no, you don't. First, if you one shot a zombie, you one shot a zombie. There's no need to keep firing at that point. Second, the zombies are sleeping so you can take as much time as possible. Third, if you woke up the other zombies firing these 5 bullets then you are not doing stealth.
  9. I hate how wiring works in 7d2d. Night of the Dead is a clear visual improvement (imho) with a similar model, in that the wires only show up when yielding the wiring tool, but what I'd really would have liked in 7d2d is to actually have those electrical pipe blocks actually work. To have blocks that carry electricity to adjacent blocks, "wall" blocks that carry electricity from outside to inside (or vice versa), etc. Electrical wires are just unlike everything else in the game. They aren't shapes, they aren't blocks, they aren't items, they aren't entities. They are an ugly aberration. But what I have heard even all the way back to alpha 19 is that there won't be any further changes to electricity, on any alpha. I cheer myself up at night by recalling they also wanted a20 out on Halloween. (*) NotD is a clear improvement on almost all regards when it comes to electricity. The power sources are more interesting, the visual signals are cool and helpful, it has blocks that take multiple inputs, and, of course, it has a Not gate (technically, an X-or). 7d2d is far better on sensors, but that is somewhat blunted by the Trap Controller. Have you used a machete and maximized Agility/Deep Cuts? Actually, maximizing Deep Cuts might well get the zombie killed before you can do it. Another good tool is the fireaxe, without points in Miner 69r so as to avoid increasing the damage.
  10. That's a common trope on apocalypse fiction that just doesn't stand to scrutiny. People usually think of gas or toilet paper scarcity in times of panic, but there are two key differences. First, the people doing panicking and buying stuff are all alive to do it. Second, the scarcity is happening on the point of sale -- basically, there's people with stocks large enough to last for months or years which is why others have nothing. On the traditional zombie apocalypse, though, we are talking about 99% fatality rate within days, and then up from there. People had little time to buy stuff, and no time to use it. Supplies that would last one week for ten thousand people will last 25 years for one. An 8-players server on an 8k map has 21% the population density of Wyoming, less than 3% of Arizona. And 8k maps are really rather urban compared to a whole state. If we are going to go with what the setting calls for instead of what gameplay balance calls for, loot is way too scarce.
  11. That. If anything, the one who plays the game the best is the one that takes the most enjoyment out of it. This isn't a competitive game where one goes for high scores or victories over opponents. And there are oh-so-many ways to enjoy 7 Days to Die -- from slugfest brawlers to long ranged snipers to stealthy assassins and even beyond that to making prefabs and modding and even hand crafting worlds.
  12. I'm guessing he rarely ever spends ammo (other than bolts). That's the case for me.
  13. The military stealth boots are a big disappointment for me. You can't get them to quality 6 and the padded boots make no noise to begin with.
  14. Stealth is a bow game. A compound crossbow has damage close to a sniper rifle (50 base damage on 7.62 ammo +14 of sniper rifle vs 45 base damage on steel bolt) but has 200% extra damage on sneak attacks on top of everything else. If I recall correctly, on headshot that's 400%, or 180 extra damage. 7.62mm HP has base 65 which goes a long way, but I don't think it closes the gap. The sniper headshot perk has lower effectiveness against irradiated, on top of that. Here's the thing about damage and modifiers. Things have a base damage, let's call it B. For ranged weapons, it's the ammo that has the base damage, and for all other things it's the thing itself. Then you have absolute and percentage modifiers, like the sniper rilfe adding +14 damage or purple quality adding 50%. Sneak attacks, mods, attributes and perks can all contribute modifiers. The final damage (before headshot) is like this: B + B * (sum of all percentage modifers) + (sum of all absolute modifiers). So a purple sniper rifle loaded with normal 7.62 and no random stats does 50 + 50 * (0.5) + 14. If you get 20% sneak damage, it's going to be 50 + 50 * (0.7) + 14. Every one of these percentage multipliers will apply only to the base damage so you might see 89 damage on that purple sniper rifle and think 20% sneak will be based on that number, but no. Headshots, though, apply over the total (again, iirc). As for difficulty, the default difficulty is really low. There's only one difficulty below that, but the default difficulty is the default difficulty. So you must be playing on really high difficulty instead.
  15. That used to be possible. I believe it's still possible in a19, though harder because you'll usually kill a zombie before you can chop off all limbs.
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