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  1. I heard that random gen is going to be worked on for alpha 20, and I'd like to point out something that I've noticed after looking at map previews for hundreds of seeds (literally -- check https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1E1abSNz0_rsoDd-3AVp6SzxY-AF7eVjMfVNhIXN3X20/edit#gid=997179930 for a list of the seeds I generated on b180 alone). There's a subtle issue impacting the quality of cities in random gen: a disconnect between block sizes and prefab dimensions. Let me explain that with images. Take the following city, which is about as big as they can be in alpha 19
  2. Those are the worlds already created. You can also select "New Random World" and pick a seed when starting a new game, or go to Editing Tools / Random Gen Previewer and generate a new world from there.
  3. Alpha 19 is truly in a great place, but there's a couple of minor things that bother me about it. One, and this has been an issue ever since you stopped being able to craft purples, there's no way of getting a purple Military Stealth Boots or a purple Firefighter's Helmet. The other is that loot easily surpasses craft quality for most things, which makes all these parts just trader material. I wish you could use them to improve an item whose quality you can craft by slowly increasing its random stats all the way to the maximum possible. Say, for example, y
  4. On alpha 18, maps that were generated on the server used alpha 17 code instead of alpha 18 code, so they were rather different. I don't know if that is still the case with alpha 19, but I guess it is since SP generated maps use GPU. It was recommended in the past to generate the map locally, then copy the generated map to the server.
  5. Forests are the "safe biome" now. You spawn in the forest (on Navezgane you also spawn in the burnt forest biome), forest is easier on hostile animals and zombie spawning, it has mild temperatures, etc. If forests weren't so predominant in the map, you'd end up with maps that have no forests, where the closest "forest" trader (the first trader) is far away, etc. It would, in essence, be a "hard" map. Nothing wrong with that, but we have to recognize that random world generation was not an alpha 19 priority. I'm happy that it works much better than alpha 17 and 18 rwg, and hopeful that more res
  6. It is definitely not true that no one likes stealth, but Attack sleeper volumes completely negates all of the points and equipment you have invested in it, and Agility has the undesirable distinction of being the only attribute without any non-combat survival skills.
  7. (as of b177) Top 7: bombshelter_01 church_01 installation_red_mesa skyscraper_02 store_book_01 store_book_02 store_gun_02 Top 15: bombshelter_01 church_01 installation_red_mesa skyscraper_02 store_autoparts_01 store_book_01 store_book_02 store_clothing_02 store_electronics_01 store_electronics_02 store_hardware_01 store_hardware_02 store_grocery_02 store_gun_01 store_gun_02 You can see how I favor book places heavily with my top 7.
  8. *** SEEDS FOR Alpha 19.0 Stable *** Huh... I'd have to spend a lot of time here to do this. I have about 200 different seeds for alpha 19 experimental, half 4k and half 8k. I have previews from all of them publicly available here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ljjksykyenytm3e/AAAh0mf_CBnXW92eVl5i-EF1a?dl=0 To generate and analyse these seeds I use scripts that are freely available here: https://github.com/dcsobral/seedGen All my 8k seeds have 10 traders, all my 4k seeds have 5 traders. To make it easy to figure out what seed you find interesting, I've added som
  9. Works too, but that would be newer than just mirrored.
  10. I know double doors or any other kind of new blocks are out of question for alpha 19 by this point, but could we please just get mirrored doors? Same door, but it swings from the opposite side, so that when put side by side with the normal one, they are aligned and open in the same direction.
  11. Players can't craft prefab doors, and player doors almost never show up on prefabs -- the exception being secure wood doors on broken shacks and vault doors. Clearly a compromised could be made where POI doors are pickable, and player doors aren't. Vault doors should never be pickable, prefab or not, and those few secure wood doors -- and I'm honestly having a hard time recalling if there's actually any on vanilla prefabs -- could be easily replaced, even by identical but prefab-only doors. It's been there since I started playing, on alpha 15. It's the backpack icon next to "Inven
  12. Is Skull Crushers supposed to be a candy? On the first message, it shows up as a header, but the previous paragraph suggests it's a candy. I wish there was hyperlinking on recipes. Click on an ingredient to go to that ingredient's recipe, if it exists. And, on that note, I wish I could self-create quests of two kinds: 1. Craft X from the crafting screen. Like when looking at the Bicycle recipe, creating a quest would make a "Gather Wheels, Mechanical Part, Bicycle Chassis, Bicycle Handlebars" quest that I can track. 2. Go to X from the map. Not that much diff
  13. Sheesh, I've been browsing this topic for some kind of news but it's all dried up! What happened? Madmole rage quit? 😃
  14. Much time, no. No one is forced to use these blocks, so it isn't a practical problem.
  15. Not even that. I think they expect it to be a magical vehicle that lets them move freely in 3d. Have you tried the UH-60 on Bdubs Vehicles? It flies like a helicopter, alright, and it's hard as hell! Another thing: people are always rushing in 7 Days to Die. The gyrocopter lands like a plane: it's a controlled fall. People want to keep accelerating all the way to the ground. Another thing: because there's no stall warning, people will often stall without realizing that's what they are doing wrong. I used to be scared of running out of gas, until I realized it's pretty easy to glide a
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