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How to make a new Resource and that is generated on the map ??? HELP


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I have done that, I added Titanium to mine


You have to create a item or block with the and a material at minimum from what I had to do.

You will also have to edit the Biomes.xml and edit that with the new block as a resource.


Now if you want to just have the resource as a chance when harvesting or mining its easier to add it as a item and make it harvest in and add it to a block for example like this


<drop event="Harvest" name="TitaniumOre" count="4" prob="0.5" tool_category="harvestingTools"/>

<drop event="Harvest" name="SulfurOre" count="1,3" prob="0.25" tool_category="harvestingTools"/>


Just really depends on how you want it in the game basically.


I added swimming fish to the water along with underwater plants and objects that are generated on the map to make the water more realistic feeling especially with fishing.

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