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Lakeside Lodge Hotel

Kam R.

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Hello all, another small upload from me. Built this as normal player without admin powers, cm-blocks were sold for dukes by the admins. They are about to wipe/restart their server tomorrow and one of the admins was kind enough to give me an exported file, so I brushed it up a bit and made it into a proper prefab.


As the name suggests, it's a hotel. Each room is individual and there are a few hidden stashes to be found as well as one (not so spectacular) secret. :)


The original:



The prefab version as wilderness POI:




Few more pics:








Hope you like it, as always free to use or mod for anyone.



Built by me


Shout-out to ecv, abovementioned admin and his PvE server, which is a nice, well organized server. Active staff, whitelist system and very friendly community – Give them a try if you're looking for one :)



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Thank you for the kind words Kam!


We are very happy to attract fantastic builders such as yourself :) I am always amazed, seeing all these spectacular builds and new ideas people like you come up with.


I was wondering how the trash will be picked up from that dumpster though ^^

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