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  1. That seemed to have worked just fine. Thanks for your reply. update: fixed it by manually adding waterspawners! I'm left with a curiosity though. no matter what I do, there's always a few glitches in the map with trees growing in the ocean and then a path to them walled with water. Looks like Moses training Parcour terrain in the heightmap shows nothing in those areas. Any idea how to get rid of those? Or how they happen in the first place?
  2. It's probably nothing, but could we get an update to get rid of the warning about a wrong world header (a18 b139) in the logs? I'm having trouble generating with a custom heightmap. Nitrogen finishes and creates the files, the server loads them up fine, but there's always 2020-04-15T15:30:50 433.722 ERR Exception in thread GenerateChunks: NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object and the map is unplayable after creating a world from it, the player becomes stuck. I also can't get any radiation zones to work, the whole map border is always a unrendered map. I never had a problem when generating maps last year, and nitrogen without a heightmap works fine. I am at a loss here. Update: it somehow seems to be related to the biomes file. if i don't provide one,m everything is fine. If i use my own one, passed through the biomefixer without errors, it goes bonkers.
  3. Eh, new window style, eh? Underscores don't show for me, looking exactly like spaces windows 10 standard everything, updated everything ^^
  4. My SaveGameFolder points directly to the generated world, not just the save-game root. perhaps it's that? while my generated map is called map_test Mine looks like this for example: name="GameWorld" value="map_test" name="WorldGenSeed" value="map_test" name="WorldGenSize" value="122888" name="GameName" value="map_test" name="SaveGameFolder" value="/opt/sdtd/instances/map_test" with my world stored in the servers "Worlds" directory. working perfectly. got a testserver and my community server up for weeks now.
  5. Hmm, would it be possible to have the custom files in another directory? Like the target one for example. It feels weird to change the file in the main resources directory and having to overwrite it each time i try a new world. It#s harder to organize too. Could we have the option to place them in the target directory already? or specify the path in the UI?
  6. Slightly different for me, i'm using alloc's scripts to install my server I upload the NITROgenerated worlds folder to the /engine/Data/Worlds/ folder of the server I then adjust the serverconfig file for the instance as follows: GameWorld = the name of the folder you have just uploaded WorldGenSize = the world size you chose when generating the map with NitroGen I save the file and start the server and look for errors in the log file ^^ btw, if you get your players to save that same folder to their local install, they don't have to download the map when joining the dedi. You could put it on a dropbox or something for your players to pre-load, that will cut down log in time immensely on first login ^^
  7. Just checked, yeah. nice. This works for me then. Thanks a bunch
  8. I'd love for the road generation being cancelled when something is isolated, allowing for islands, dividing rivers, stuff you'll find in the world that upside down thing is very confusing ^^ I'll give it another shot yep, upside down. now i only have to worry about if editing the roads out of the generated heightmap or completely placing them myself is more effort ^^
  9. i'm still having massive troubles with the roads Perhaps what I want isn't possible at all, i don't know. I've made this testmap with that river I so love. Made my mask. I've uploaded the resulting preview. specially the center is troublesome to me. I really need to get rid of any roads going through masked zones And there's a whole city sitting on my river as well I'd really hate to paint all roads by hand :) Oh wow, the upload quality is abysmal. river goes from NE to SW, snaking it's way down.
  10. It's not percent. It's 256 shades of gray. 0, 0, 0 = black (lowest level, 0m) x1, x1, x1 = any shade of gray in between (1m-254m) 255, 255, 255 = white (highest level 255m)
  11. gray value 65 should be represented by (65, 65, 65) or #414141
  12. Could the road generation then perhaps honor the mask and simply stop the roads and terrain altering there? I can insert the bridges on my own. I don't even mind the road, the filled river is the biggest issue as that takes like an hour to edit out in the game ^^ Landbridges are not really an option as i'd like a river going through the entire map, starting on a mountain on one edge. I really don't understand enough of the process, but this would be the best for me (i think): Part 1 generate a new map, or provide a premade heightmap and biome mask generate the cities and pois, respecting the dont build here mask --> let me repeat this step until I have found a suitable city/poi distribution Part 2 generate a splatmap, before altering the terrain for road usage. --> let me edit the splatmap to get rivers and deep cracks or whatever region free of roads, perhaps to add a few of my own, or to lay down a road system for a player village perhaps or a road from the spawnpoint to somewhere whereever. now generate the smoothed out heightmap and place the roads generate the spawnpoints in non-masked areas and non-radiation zones or at a predefined coordinate. load the map in the game and enjoy
  13. Lots of changes, very nice. I'm still a bit stumped on how to edit roads after generation *g* I'm making a map, painting in my general features. I'm editing the biome file and the heightmap I'm now adding a no spawn mask to my rivers and lakes I'm rendering those until i find a nice spread of cities and towns that i like So far this is working great (apart from having to flip the heightmap every time *g*) Now i'd like to undo all the damage the poi and road generation has done, like a road going through a river for example, which it will do if the river is very long it seems. I have no idea on how to accomplish that. Feels like i should use the generated POI heightmap, edit out the filled up river-parts, edit the splatmap and delete the road. But how to render that thing now while keeping all the pois and stuff? Is there a way and i'm not seeing it? Or can we perhaps leave out road generation completely, apart from within a city? and then i could draw my own highways on the splatmap?? Since I'm modelling the entire map myself, flattening and adjusting would not be required ^^ But i can't be arsed to manually create twenty cities, that's why i need the random poi generation and heightmap adjustments
  14. "Maybe I will add some options to trigger map generation and POI placement separately, as they are functionally different modules." It would be great to have some options there. Also, can the splat map be handled separately as well? I'd like to remove certain roads that lead through rivers and such. OR that mask that was talked about, it could also include zones where no roads may go? I'd love to create the basic map, then adjust stuff, keeping the POI placements and heightmap, but being able to adjust the roads, cut the ones going over rivers to be replaced by bridgePOI later (manually) Dunno if that comes across right... Currently, I have a handcrafted map + heightmap, i've put that through the generator, and the city placement was pretty much perfect. I'd like to paint in a river now and remove the roads-parts it crosses, regenerate the terrain without touching the POI placements, taking care that my river (or any feature) doesn't touch terrain already occupied by a poi.
  15. btw, you've got a typo in one of your posts ffa800 or 255,268,0 -> wasteland should be ffa800 or 255,168,0 -> wasteland ^^
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