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  1. I might be blind, but where would I find the source code? The archives on git don't have it, it's just empty folders and readme's. Really need to remove the "your message was blocked, you have been muted" message, when issuing prefixed commands :)
  2. That seemed to have worked just fine. Thanks for your reply. update: fixed it by manually adding waterspawners! I'm left with a curiosity though. no matter what I do, there's always a few glitches in the map with trees growing in the ocean and then a path to them walled with water. Looks like Moses training Parcour terrain in the heightmap shows nothing in those areas. Any idea how to get rid of those? Or how they happen in the first place?
  3. It's probably nothing, but could we get an update to get rid of the warning about a wrong world header (a18 b139) in the logs? I'm having trouble generating with a custom heightmap. Nitrogen finishes and creates the files, the server loads them up fine, but there's always 2020-04-15T15:30:50 433.722 ERR Exception in thread GenerateChunks: NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object and the map is unplayable after creating a world from it, the player becomes stuck. I also can't get any radiation zones to work, the whole map border is always a unrendered map. I never had a problem when generating maps last year, and nitrogen without a heightmap works fine. I am at a loss here. Update: it somehow seems to be related to the biomes file. if i don't provide one,m everything is fine. If i use my own one, passed through the biomefixer without errors, it goes bonkers.
  4. Make the concrete mixer use stamina when in them and not have it working at all when unattended, and give them the option to use power for unattended use perhaps? I always wondered why the mixer could work without any power. Same with the workstation. It should allow for superior speed, but not work unattended at all. Or perhaps do it by radius, so they work while the player is near them. It's a bit strange that the workstation can craft 1500 arrowheads while I'm out looting Same with the campfire, you might have a big pot of stew in one go without being present, bacon and eggs on the other hand could require the player to be present. The Chem station is about the only one I wouldn't change, as it's designed to work independently, good enough for a game anyhow Just my thoughts on the crafting system. A way to have mass produced stuff, and stuff that requires the player to pay full attention or at least to be near. Make it configurable, so players could just set that radius to max and retain the current functionality. Might require balancing the food items and others, as stuff like bacon and eggs will become more valuable, as more actual player-time investment is needed.
  5. I could get into them guarding military bases and perhaps the top third section of skyscrapers for example Or maybe having a new, endgame military research complex with local-bound advanced stuff. You might get schematics for player endgame gear in those. Like a high level dungeon that pretty much kills low level players instantly when entering them too soon?
  6. Wait. Are you telling me that you do not have a constant craving for drugs? Lucky you :') Btw, what's more absurd than a nuclear zombie apocalypse? Chances for that happening are probably lower than chances for pharmaceutical wonderdrugs.
  7. I can't see the merit in "exploring" any cave, unless there is proper incentive. Like some caves might have some special sunken poi at the end, but not all. But even then, if it's not man-made, why explore it? There will be nothing but nature in them, nothing of interest :') I'd like them in the game just for the sake of it. For hiding during early game, or along the way loot stashes. Building small huts just isn't the same. I can't imagine exploring a procedural natural cave. Who cares (apart from a naturalist?) if it goes left or right or up or down, it's a cave.
  8. Yeah, I haven't read the whole thread when I posted, so I didn't forget that I wanted to Drones sound reasonable, would be a great mod for jeeps and perhaps an anti vulture weapon. ## end of reply I don't see the problem with recognition. The blocks of your base recognize your friends inside your lcb. If a woodframe can do that, anything can in this game :') I'd just take it as a QoL feature, you could refrain from making friends and set the turret to shoot everything.
  9. The trader teleports you to a random place around his shop if you don't get out before it's closing time. So there already is teleporting in the game for reasons of simplified management. Proper way would be the trader asking you to leave and then shoot you if you don't, carrying your half dead ass to the wall and throw you over the side. Can't see the harm in teleporting pets. Every game does it. Hell, most games let you switch pets, having several to choose from. I'd prefer teleporting over any kind of hover. A gamer can accept that the porting is done for "reasons". The hovering on the other hand will always be out of place. Imo
  10. I'd love to disable the "Your Message was blocked" message in all red as well. We are using a bot with a password system, and mute all new players on arrival. So when they enter their password, they get the "blocked message" reply, which suggests something went wrong with the password and then the confirmation pops up and then confusion is BIG ^^ Configurable responses and colors would be fantastic!
  11. Eh, new window style, eh? Underscores don't show for me, looking exactly like spaces windows 10 standard everything, updated everything ^^
  12. not a 100% sure, but it seems like a complete list of all online players with all datafields, a list of all known players and a list of all land protection blocks, in that order ^^
  13. I've been trying to figure out the block command for ages now myself, I'd like to know as well Could anyone post some examples on how to use it? don't even understand the example given ^^ Any of the examples really. The /options are so confusing to me. I don't think i've been able to use any of the more advanced features of this mod. How does loc work for example. If anyone has some time to give some examples for standard workflow, i'd be very grateful ^^
  14. you might want to try a17.4. a lot of the bad stuff has been fixed there and the game is quite fun again
  15. My SaveGameFolder points directly to the generated world, not just the save-game root. perhaps it's that? while my generated map is called map_test Mine looks like this for example: name="GameWorld" value="map_test" name="WorldGenSeed" value="map_test" name="WorldGenSize" value="122888" name="GameName" value="map_test" name="SaveGameFolder" value="/opt/sdtd/instances/map_test" with my world stored in the servers "Worlds" directory. working perfectly. got a testserver and my community server up for weeks now.
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