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Export/save self-designed content?


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Hello everyone.

First of all I admit I don´t know if this is the correct section for my question...


Some time ago I bulit a how I thought quite good fortress. Took me some time and afford, but it turned out fantastic. After one week there was an update of 7DTD - and the map changed, trashing the savegame in a way it couldn´t be loaded anymore. Disappointing, but after some break I started a new game in current Navezgane. On that point I just thought "It worked, some day you just rebuild it" and moved on.


About three months ago I had a new idea and started working on a copy of Cheop´s Pyramid that I finished about 2 weeks ago. Large, explorable, based on plans of the original pyramid with some kind of self-designed maze-components added. I´m really proud of this. And that leads to the question that drives me for about two months now: is it possible to get self-designed objects or buildings exported for reimporting into new games and/or maps? Or can the savegame itself be provided to creators for transforming them into a mod or something like that?


The question is based on the first described event. I´m just afraid, that with a new alpha or release-day a new map will be spawned and all the affords and hours of building, designing and planning are simply wasted, so that the pyramid will just disappear without a trace - and without a chance to explore it.

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There are a few ways to do this. You want to check the Modding Tools section, or the Modding Prefabs section.


New alphas will require editing the prefab because of changes in block data, but usually there will be a tool like Hal's prefab editor available to do that shortly after the Stable release.

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