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All Natural Mode


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We need a mode that has no man made stuff preplanted in it. No houses, no cars or roads, no pre-made weapons. Everything needs to be made from natural resources. I think this would free up room so we could have the different zombies and animals that Pc has. And I would assume it would be very easy to do figuring you would only have to take a few things out of the game in this mode instead of putting more stuff in. I think the coolest part about it is none of the players would have an advantage over everyone else just because they found a city or bunker first. The only thing I can think of that would have to change is jars would have to be crafted by sand on the forge, but pretty much everything else would work without cities, cars and buildings to loot. It would be a very cool simple little mode to play and everthing in it would be made by players at some time or another. Amen.

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