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New Players Welcome! - All Night Gamers!


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All Night Gamers currently hosts 3 servers.


At our peek, both our original servers were at or near capacity. We have a large community of friendly players.


We took a hit in the player base when Steam had their holiday sale. Many people left to play other games while they waited for A17 to happen. So we're looking to add some new blo... er new people into the community. :)


I expect once 17 does come out, a great deal of our players will return, but until then, I'd love to see new people.


Our servers are:


  • Map type: Random Gen
  • Map Size: Max
  • Game Version: 2 Original, 1 Starvation Mod (may turn one experimental when it drops)
  • Player Limit: 30
  • PvE only - PVP is forbidden and turned off. Land Claim Blocks also protect from player damage.
  • Difficulty: 5 - all run at night - some run during the day
  • Online: 24/7 -- Our servers restart twice a day (this helps clear away some bugs or glitches players might experience.)
  • Wipes: We hate having to wipe out the server, we only do this if we absolutely have to, and we try to give as many players a heads up as we can. If a patch comes out, and it's recommended to have a fresh map, we will create a fresh map, but player stats/inventory will normally be saved.
  • Admins: We have several active admins. Even if they aren't ingame, we still might be watching. :)
  • On death: Drop All
  • Day Length: 1 hour
  • Region: North America Only - sorry


We use light modding on our two original servers, nothing players need to install. We have a teleporting system that allows players to go home, and to have two extra points "gates" they can port to, as well as the ability to port to other peoples gates if they are public.


Land Claims will protect your base until you are offline for more than 7 days, after which point, your base becomes exposed to raiding or erasure. We "repaint" the map normally once a week, which resets areas not protected by land claims (restores harvest areas, loot containers, damaged buildings, cars, etc.)


We offer both a TeamSpeak and a Discord server, as well as our own forums.


For more information, please visit Allnightgamers.com


Hope to see you there!

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