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PvP Only "Pirates" Server


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In this server the only rule is survive with what you find...

The more you live the more you become stronger and you will be the legend of the server.

The player will getting older "1 year " a day survived and the total age will be displayed on the chat log if and when the player dies (followed with the name of who killed him and his age), after his death will be resetted.

On the hud you can see the top 5 oldest player (and relative age) on the game.

This GameMode is meant to be challenging, fun and very competitive.


The server Settings must be:

Zombies = Off;

Doors = All Unlocked;

Map = Indestructible, (you can pick up rocks) ;

Place Things on ground = Off - Cant place anything except for the campfire (for coooking after hunting animals);

Loot = Clothes, cooking pot, Gas, flashlight, Full Guns (rare), ammo, a lot of mele weapons, bow and arrows, food, drinks, medikit and bandages;

Veicles = limited number of motorcycles around the map without lock ;

Animals = Spawn_on;

Airdrops = Half Airdrops will contain 1 rare weapon, 1 medikit and 1 beer the other half will explode dealing you 50 health dmg.

Crafting is enabled but since you cant place anything except for the campfire other constructables are useless

The map reset when the oldest alive is 120 y/o and his name will be written on a "wall of fame" located on the map.

For every day survived you will gain 1 expendable point.

When you kill someone he will drop a note where is written who killed him, when and how (so you can make your own deadpool!).


Can someone teach me how to do it and how can i change those parameters?

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Oooookay... can't give you a full answer... but I'll do what I can.


Zombies = Of is a server setting.

All doors unlocked = You either need to edit every prefab and replace them with unlocked doors, or you can try replacing the code in blocks.xml from Class=DoorSecure to just Door.

Map = Indestructable. Change all blocks to use material MBedrock. Remove any "harvest" events.

Place things on ground = Can't find a way to turn this off, so the easiest thing is just to remove the recipes for placeable items. I'd personally allow campfire + chest though.

Loot = Edit loot.xml

Vehicles = Edit loot.xml and put the minibike in some of the loothelper classes. You MAY only be able to spawn the chassis though so folks would need to assemble it. I'm not sure on that.

Animals = Easy. They should be on by default. You can adjust spawn amounts in entitygroups and spawning xml files.

Airdrops = Changing the loot they have is easy. Making them explode? Not sure on that one I'm afraid.


Map reset may have to be done via telnet command. Wall of Fame is something you'd have to do manually, but you could edit the XML to do that and display it on any window you want. It's a pain to line up, but you can do it.


Having a note drop with the name of the player who killed them and where will be a lot harder. I think we're looking at DLL modding there, but not 100% sure on that.

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